Desktop fonts make text look its best in print

Type technology is in a state of perpetual evolution and reinvention. At the turn of the 20th century, the list of typefaces available for printing could fit on a single page. But companies wanting to export and differentiate their products on an international stage needed more font options than what was available. It was then that we realized type design would become as important as the technologies required for production and distribution.

Monotype creates the typefaces that designers and brands need to communicate. Technology is still a big part of that. As technologies evolve, we evolve our type designs and develop new fonts in response. Desktop technology has revolutionized printing and publishing, and introduced everyone on a computer to fonts and principles of design. It has also introduced designers to an extraordinary abundance of choice, and enriched design dramatically. We’ve been leading this revolution, developing typefaces that exploit the full potential of desktop technology for everyone.

Desktop fonts for printed matter that matters

Display text — text at large sizes — needs to make an impact. But just as a headline isn’t the whole story, there’s more to choosing the right display typeface than simply the wish to grab attention. There’s a careful balance to be struck between looks and functionality. And there’s a correct typeface for every kind of message, from a headline for an article about global warming to a poster advertising coffee. Matching the tone of voice of a display face to the content is crucial. The relationship to body copy is also key — a contrast in size and a harmony of styles. Get it right and you’ll make headlines.

We've got chapter and verse for the printed word

  • An unrivaled library of desktop fonts
  • Web fonts and flexible licensing to take desktop designs to other media
  • Language and localization support for international brands
  • Type designers to create or customize fonts for your projects