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Your logotype is the pinnacle of your brand’s expression. In today’s digital world, a distinctive and ownable logotype is vital for brand recognition and cultivating brand fidelity.

The Monotype Studio has a wealth of experience in the refinement and crafting of logos for some of the world’s most respected brands. Our team of type experts offer agencies and their clients a range of services that can help achieve logotype design of the highest quality. 

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A collaborative process of logotype design.

Our creative approach is holistic and iterative, centred around one objective: to create a unique, distinctive and world-ready logotype. Working closely with your designers, we will join you in the explorative creative process by helping to guide the brand’s typographic identity at a deeper level. 



A fully resolved expression of your idea.

You may have a logo idea, a sketch or even a work-in-progress design, but it isn’t quite the resolved marque that you or your brand’s audience expects.

Working closely with your creative team, our collaborative process of design refinements can help. We will keep the tone and feeling of your idea, whilst enhancing the quality of line and curve.

We will craft every aspect of the letter shapes, review consistency, balance white space, enhance features and explore visual relationships to create a distinct expression of your idea, delivering a logotype that is fit for use across any digital brand environment. 


Build continuity across a broader brand system.

If your visual identity encapsulates subsidiaries, we can help transfer the DNA of your custom logotype into sub-brand logos, or make design recommendations for complimentary fonts that create visual cohesion and support a consistent brand architecture.

If the brand is expanding into new geographies where a narrative writing system is more appropriate, we can help extend the reach of your logotype into new markets, localising your brand’s typographic personality and ensuring global consistency.

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