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Whatever you’re reading, there’s a good chance Monotype is behind it. From the digits on your alarm clock to your book at bedtime, from your car dashboard to the signs at the airport, from apps, games and websites to billboards, logos and packaging, we make fonts for everything, everywhere and everyone. We’ve been doing it for years, and we’re still meeting new design demands with every typeface we create.

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Mosaic: An innovative font service for the enterprise

Mosaic™ puts our full library of type at your fingertips, allowing your organization to deliver on-brand messaging on any device, in any environment, virtually anywhere across the globe.

Font Licensing 101

The basics of proper font usage

Everything you need to know about fonts

Here at Monotype, we have a little bit of experience with font licensing (okay, decades of experience), and can help you understand what a font license does—and does not—encompass. Font licenses can appear overwhelming in their complexity, but they are fairly straightforward as long as you understand their individual parts.

Custom font design

for your brand identity

A unique voice and competitive edge

There are thousands of typefaces on the market — of every kind, of every character. And that means anyone can use them. A custom-designed typeface offers your brand a signature style and voice as unique as any person’s, and more control over its use. With a custom font, you can firmly differentiate your brand with a unique typographic style that is as much part of your visual identity as a logo, color or shape.

Meet our newest fonts

Meeting new design demands with every typeface we create

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