Emilios Theofanous.
Creative Type Director.

In his words.

Design has to fulfill a purpose, it is the moment the vague becomes determination, the moment a direct action is taken for the interpretation of an idea.

Born in Cyprus, Monotype Creative Type Director Emilios Theofanous, has a soft spot for quality Greek and multilingual typography. Since joining Monotype, he has worked on multiple custom and Library projects. Prior joining Monotype, he collaborated with international foundries and contributed to large-scale projects such as Source Serif Greek Italic for Google Fonts and Adobe.

Being a firm believer of giving back and engaging with young designers, he enjoys giving workshops on type design and related emerging technologies. He is an avid collector of type specimens where he often turns for consultation, research and inspiration. In his spare time he is learning scripting for a more efficient type design process. Emilios is an EsadType graduate in type design, to go with a multidisciplinary background that includes a BSc in Mathematics and an MA in Digital Arts.

Emilios Theofanous