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The next century of Futura.

It’s difficult to imagine the 20th century without Futura. Released by the Bauer Type Foundry in 1927, Paul Renner’s Futura was a near-instant hit that quickly established itself as an iconic, immovable piece of our shared culture.

Introducing Futura Now: The definitive version of an iconic family.

Futura Now is the definitive version of the definitive geometric sans, re-digitized based on Paul Renner’s original designs and updated to provide a more contemporary typographic palette.

Why it pays to pay for creativity.

Artists pour their heart and soul into their craft and creations and in an ideal world, every artist would be recognized and paid appropriately for their efforts. In reality, however, artists often have to fight for their rights to be upheld. This has been true for centuries and is only intensifying in the digital era.

How brands can stand out amidst the digital noise.

With seemingly every business in the world launching apps, online services, and other digital properties as they cope with disruptions from the COVID crisis, many brands are likely wondering how they can stand out from all the sudden digital noise.

Monotype Fonts solves missing fonts frustration.

One of the most frustrating disruptions a designer encounters is when fonts are missing for a project.

Tiny reminders to stay home.

Typography is an important component of great design. And for designers, selecting the right type can be an enormous challenge with so many varying styles and weights to choose from. To help, pangrams are often used to quickly get an overview of what a particular font looks like in use.

How design and creativity can help meet this moment.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is not figuring out how to return to whatever “normal” used to look like, but how to let go of the vision we held for the future we thought we’d have.

Font licensing, simplified.

Simplified font licensing

Font licensing doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s everything you need to know about font licenses: What they are, how they work, and why you need them.

Panel discussion at Brand Talks Connected – Americas.

Melissa Centrella, Senior Director of Marketing for Monotype, moderates a lively discussion with esteemed panelists Ben Carmean, Group Creative Director at VMLY&R; Marti Romances, Creative Director and Cofounder at Territory Studio; Jim Bogenrief, Vice President, Head of Brand Strategy at First Republic Bank; and Jamie Levy, Head of Merchant Engagement, Shopify Plus.

Dropbox at Brand Talks Connected – Americas.

Collin Whitehead, Director of Central Design for Dropbox, presents at Brand Talks Connected – Americas on November 19, 2020.

Strichpunkt at Brand Talks Connected – Americas.

Markus Dunke, Chief Client Officer, and Tanja Freudenthaler, Creative Director, for Strichpunkt Design, present their Audi case study at Brand Talks Connected – Americas on November 19, 2020.