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Monotype's font pairing tool is shown, displaying a serif and sans serif font paired together.

Have you ever cooked a meal at home and been delighted to find the perfect ingredient to complement your recipe? Maybe you forgot you had cilantro, crushed peanuts, or lemon juice, and it’s just the thing you needed to elevate your dish.

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Monotype’s company desktop license empowers cloud access to brand fonts.

Long gone are the days of zipping up folders of font files and sharing them across your organization, or even messier, embedding fonts in documents in the cloud in hopes that the design remains intact. We recently announced an expanded set of licensing rights which allows all employees within an organization to access Commercial Production Fonts in their desktop environments. 

Creative Characters S2 E8: Andrew Krivine and Michael Worthington.

This week we’re welcoming Andrew Krivine, author and punk rock collector, alongside Michael Worthington, faculty at CalArts and co-founder of Counterspace. The creative duo is here to tell the tale of how they co-created the largest exhibition of punk and new wave graphics ever shown on the West Coast.   

Monotype x Limerick.

Over the past four years, we’ve been lucky to forge a reciprocal partnership with the Limerick School of Art & Design / TUS in Ireland. Both Creative Type Directors Tom Foley and Emilios Theofanous have now participated in workshops and modules at the leading fine art, design and creative media school. This year’s students were asked to write a message platform for one typeface and build a marketing plan and design assets to promote it in digital or print media.  

Font resources for brands.

8 Common mistakes to avoid when choosing brand fonts.

When you’re a designer, it’s thrilling to create a new brand or update an existing one. You get to be creative! Strategic! You get a chance to make your mark!

In addition to deciding on a color palette and imagery style, you get to choose foundational typefaces for your brand. But font selection should not be based on looks alone.

How an increased focus on digital transformation has changed customer branding expectations.

Today’s designers are faced with a multitude of new challenges when it comes to designing for a digital world. Customers expect constant communication, have short attention spans, and expect brands to keep up with emerging technology. Learn about the branding challenges to advance your digital strategy and forge ahead.

What creative leaders need to consider in a brand refresh.

You’re at your desk reviewing your emails, and getting ready to kickstart a new design project tomorrow. You’ve read over the project brief, and you have a team call coming up to go over the project guidelines. It’s an exciting challenge, but you’re not sure where to begin.

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Creative Characters S3 E3: Getting into the ‘heavy stuff’ with Aaron James Draplin.

We are thrilled to have Aaron Draplin on the podcast this week and to dig into the “heavy stuff” with him – existential musings on life and building a career, the importance of hanging on to your inner kid, and the “weird little spot” he’s in as he approaches 50 turns around the sun.

7 Typographic rebrands that worked wonders.

Today’s brands must keep up with a fast-paced digital world and navigate a “new normal” that’s still emerging from the worst of the pandemic. The last few years shifted everyone’s digital expectations, how brands operate, and in some cases, impacted their business models. Moreover, issues like biodiversity, sustainability, diversity and equity, and brand activism are all booming. So how does this all impact brand building? These macro shifts are greatly influencing how companies position themselves, the services they offer, and how they communicate with their customers.

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Brand Talks Paris

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Brand Talks in Paris. It was our second time ever hosting in the French capital and was a great success! Surrounded by stunning views of the Parisian skyline, the Eiffel tower looking over from afar, we sat down for a captivating afternoon, listening to some of the industry’s finest. Renaud Cambuzat from lingerie brand Chantelle kicked things off with a presentation about restructuring in an evolving market. Then, Reza Bassiri, from design agency Carré Noir, accompanied by Isabelle Duvernay (from CCF bank), presented two case studies: the rebirth of French banking landmark CCF, and the recent rebrand of the Kronenbourg brewery. Alexandre Delassus and Pascal d’Amico followed up with a candid presentation of sporting mega-brand Decathlon’s rebrand. Our very own Damien Collot and Laurène Girbal closed off the event with a poetic nod to what makes typography so fascinating and intriguing.

3D and Beyond: Monotype Fonts at Territory Studio.

Territory Studio is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of creativity. Driven by a passion for creative innovation, Territory’s San Francisco-based location is busy creating dazzling design work that is showcased across film, games, automotive, and digital products.

What is a font license agreement?

Without a doubt, it is always best practice to read every word of any contract before signing. Yet, life is short and leaving legal reading to the legal team is understandably tempting. But End User License Agreements (EULAs) are actually very straight forward, particularly if you are looking out for certain terms.

Why forward-thinking font planning pays off

With great digital presence comes the great responsibility of protecting your digital assets. Fonts stand bravely at the frontlines of your organization’s brand, valiantly broadcasting its values at every touchpoint. Therein lies the question - how does a brand protect its fonts so the fonts can speak for the brand?

Creative Characters S4 E8: Beyond Mexico ’68: Lance Wyman’s world of design.

In this episode, host Graham Sturt journeys into the life and work of famed graphic designer Lance Wyman. Renowned for his iconic Mexico 1968 Olympics identity, Wyman is a design legend with a wealth of unique experiences. Tune in now. 

Two roads to procuring fonts: Online vs offline.

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. Accompanying you on your company’s branding journey, this guide is designed to support you as you decide which path to take when it comes to font license acquisition.

Font Licenses: Company desktop vs Legacy desktop.

What is the difference between a Company Desktop License and a, well, regular Desktop License? When it comes to font licensing, when does it make sense to join the cloud crowd? Let’s (type)face it, making licensing decisions can feel dicey, that is, unless you have a boardgame-themed infographic guiding you through the process.

Elevate your Brand: 4 Simple Design Strategies with Proven Results.

Design choices might seem superficial — but clear, engaging brand systems deliver significant impact for small businesses. A strong visual identity can give you an advantage by telling a clear story about your products or services and convincing customers to convert. Ultimately, effective design delivered consistently across key touchpoints can help you:

Creative Characters S4 E7: Reinventing yourself at any age with Vic Lee.

Hear Monotype Creative Director Graham Sturt in conversation with Vic Lee, an artist, illustrator, and self-described “ragamuffin.” If you need some creative inspiration or are looking to reinvent your creative practice, this episode’s for you!