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Creative Characters S4 E2: Talking type that melts in your heart (not in your hand) with Steffi Marti.

This week, host Charles Nix sits down with Steffi Marti, the Global Head of Brand Identity and Design for Mars Snacking. Tune in to hear more.

Publishing meets product: Monotype Fonts X United Prime Educational Publishing

Eager to gain access to a large library of fonts without having to worry about licensing issues, Hong Kong based United Prime Educational Publishing turned to Monotype Fonts. See how it helped them streamline their operations.


Creative Characters S4 E1: Behind the 2024 Type Trends report with Jordan Bell and Damien Collot.

Join Type Designer Jordan Bell and Creative Type Director Damien Collot as they discuss their experiences curating this year’s Type Trends report. Enjoy!

Fonts & Accessibility

With more companies focusing on DE&I initiatives, it’s essential to include people with disabilities in those policies. One easily overlooked aspect of this is the accessibility of your digital properties for people with various visual abilities. This article will outline how digital accessibility practices and DEI policies are interconnected, and how fonts contribute to a digital experience that is accessible to all.

Creative Characters S3 E20: Studios we love: the stories of ArrowType, Type Salon, and Blaze Type.

We’re closing out 2023 by spotlighting three amazing type studios from different corners of the world - and three of our favorite hosts. Listen to the full episode for more.

Creative Characters S3 E19: Roger Black and Charles Nix trace the history of type.

Roger Black draws from origins and evolution of type, type trend drivers, and his own career, in this week’s episode with our own Charles Nix. Listen to the full episode for more.

Creative Characters S3 E18

Creative Characters S3 E18: Celebrating community, embracing vulnerability, and fostering self-discovery at Adobe MAX 2023.

Creative Characters S3 E18: Celebrating community, embracing vulnerability, and fostering self-discovery at Adobe MAX 2023.

Now that the Adobe MAX dust has settled, we bring you our second annual recap of the inspiring event that brought 10,000 from around the world to Los Angeles in late October. Listen to the episode for more.

Creative Characters S2 E17: 'Live' from Adobe MAX, this week's guest is: You!

We recently packed up our recording gear and traveled to Adobe MAX, one of the largest creative conferences in the world, to scan people’s brains (yes, really) and connect with creatives just like you. Listen to the episode to find out more. 

Here’s why leadership should care about company fonts.

You’ve been there before: there’s a new tool or system that could be useful for your organization or company, and now it’s up to you, and the rest of the leadership team, to decide whether it’s worth it.

Change management resources that will simplify the switch to Monotype Fonts.

Moving to a font subscription service model? Here are the resources you need that will help you make the transition to Monotype Fonts easier.

How typography can make your brand feel more human.

It’s more important than ever to bring a sense of humanity and authenticity to your messaging. And if your type is the voice of your brand, then it’s doubly important to make sure it’s saying the right things. 

How to update your font library instantly.

Many people think of fonts as static design elements, but in reality they are software files that regularly receive updates: anything from fixes, to expansions, or improvements, generally anything that often benefits the user in the long run.

5 Monotype Fonts features you’ll love.

Here are 5 of the best Monotype Fonts features to make font use easier. Monotype Fonts is not just a font library, it’s a cloud-based font management solution. Whether you’re a creative or an administrator, here are some of the Monotype Fonts features that will soon become your favorite.

4 Ways a Monotype font subscription reduces risk.

Like all software, fonts can introduce legal and technical risks to your organization. Find out how the Monotype Fonts platform reduces those risks.

Creative Characters S2 E16: Craig Ward: From metal type to the digital unknown.

This week, host Charles Nix sits down with Craig to talk about his career, his myriad side projects and quirky pastimes, and how technology could revolutionize the way we use type and ensure the rights of ownership for designers.