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Behind the Font: Font Licensing, demystified (Part 3 of 3).

In part 3 of Behind the Font, our Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Phil Carey-Bergren, and host, Carl Unger, discuss the implications of breaching font licenses, the significance of copyright, and what to do if you accidentally breach a contract or misuse a font license. Tune in now.

Behind the Font: Font Licensing, demystified (Part 2 of 3).

In part 2 of Behind the Font, our Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Phil Carey-Bergren, and host, Carl Unger, dissect the main parts of a font license and walk us through some common font licensing use cases you might see at work. Tune in now.

Behind the Font: Font Licensing, demystified (Part 1 of 3).

In the first-ever edition of our new podcast miniseries series Behind the Font, we dive in to the often murky and mysterious waters of font licensing. In part one, we get a crash course in recent font history to understand how licenses have evolved and why this matters to today’s brands, designers, and agencies. Tune in now.

Creative Characters S4 E10: The power of initiative: Kat Romulo on following your creative passions.

Host Livia Halltari sits down with designer Kat Romulo, whose work spans the gamut from playful branding to engaging content creation. The conversation emphasizes the importance of designing for oneself to combat burnout, as well as Kat’s philosophy of seeking client work that aligns with her values. Tune in now. 

Creative Characters S4 E9: Lee Yuen-Rapati on the typography and design of watches.

Host Doug Wilson geeks out about watch design with Lee Yuen-Rapati of Fears Watch Company. They discuss the intricacies of designing numerals for watches and the parallels between watch design and typeface design. Tune in now. 

Creative Characters S4 E8: Beyond Mexico ’68: Lance Wyman’s world of design.

In this episode, host Graham Sturt journeys into the life and work of famed graphic designer Lance Wyman. Renowned for his iconic Mexico 1968 Olympics identity, Wyman is a design legend with a wealth of unique experiences. Tune in now. 

Creative Characters S4 E7: Reinventing yourself at any age with Vic Lee.

Hear Monotype Creative Director Graham Sturt in conversation with Vic Lee, an artist, illustrator, and self-described “ragamuffin.” If you need some creative inspiration or are looking to reinvent your creative practice, this episode’s for you!

Creative Characters S4 E6: Petra Dočekalová on the influence of history in modern design.

This week on Creative Characters, first-time host Doug Wilson chats with Petra Dočekalová, a designer, educator, calligrapher, and sign painter from Prague. Tune in now.

Font licensing & management terms and definitions.

From servers to desktop, this licensing lexicon covers terminology related to font licensing. While these definitions are applicable to licensing fonts in general, all examples given are related to Monotype font licenses specifically. Always refer to the relevant EULA to understand more accurate definitions for a software license.

Evolving with the types: When to update your font solution.

Usually, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. But when it comes to vessels carrying precious cargo, be they vehicles, bodies or fonts, maintenance checks are imperative for avoiding a crash. We usually get a clear signal when something isn’t right. With a car, you might have a “check engine” light, while aches and pains tell us when something’s not right with our bodies, but with fonts, its not always obvious when something’s wrong. Unless you know where to look, that is… 

Monotype Fonts: What it really means for you.

If you’re here, we’re guessing you know you need to do something about your font management, and you also know Monotype can help. But you’re probably wondering where the real value add is, and mainly if it’s worth it. With that in mind, we thought we’d make things easy for you by taking a closer look at what we offer, and what that means for you and your brand. 

Monotype Fonts: 5 Features that make font management a breeze.

Have you just had a font problem fall into your lap, and you’re looking at how to solve it? It’s confusing, we get it. Whether it’s administering font licenses, issues with file storage, or redundant back and forth to grant user access… With so many opportunities for something to go wrong, unclear font management can cause some serious headaches. Bet you wish you had a personal assistant to help keep track of it all.

Here’s how Monotype Fonts can be that assistant – by consolidating all those tedious admin tasks into one simple, user-friendly hub that every font user at your organization can navigate with ease. Let’s go over 5 key font management features that set Monotype Fonts apart:

Creative Characters S4 E5: Live from SXSW: A branding masterclass with Dentsu, eBay, Neurons, and WeTransfer.

Tune in for a masterclass in branding that explores the visual elements and innovative technology driving how brands, advertising, and experiences influence our responses.

Monotype Fonts: Our font library structure explained.

You’ve heard about our font library; you may even have tested it out – but you’re still unsure whether it’s right for you and your team? We get it. Any choice should be informed especially when it comes to business, so we thought it might help to delve a little deeper into certain aspects of the platform and look at how they really make the difference for brands like yours.

Creative Characters S3 E19

Creative Characters S3 E19: Roger Black and Charles Nix trace the history of type.

Creative Characters S3 E20

Creative Characters S3 E20: Studios we love: the stories of ArrowType, Type Salon, and Blaze Type.

Creative Characters S4 E1

Creative Characters S4 E1: Behind the 2024 Type Trends report with Jordan Bell and Damien Collot.

Creative Characters S4 E2

Creative Characters S4 E2: Talking type that melts in your heart (not in your hand) with Steffi Marti.