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Elevate your Brand: 4 Simple Design Strategies with Proven Results.

Design choices might seem superficial — but clear, engaging brand systems deliver significant impact for small businesses. A strong visual identity can give you an advantage by telling a clear story about your products or services and convincing customers to convert. Ultimately, effective design delivered consistently across key touchpoints can help you:

Highlights and soundbytes from Brand Talks SXSW.

This year, Monotype brought our Creative Characters podcast to SXSW for our first-ever live recording on stage. Read on for highlights from the unique event. 

Monotype and Pantone® Present: The Ingredients for Building a Modern Brand.

Learn about the interplay of type and color and how Monotype & Pantone assets work together to drive modern brand-building.

Key learnings from Brand Talks London.

Brand Talks recently touched down in London at the Vinyl Factory. Read on for some of our favorite highlights from the inspirational evening.

CaseCo: A Case for Variable Fonts.

Variable fonts have been around for a few years now and are very well supported. But how much do we know about all the ways they can benefit a brand and its audience? We’ll take a look at how CaseCo, an admittedly fictitious company, has incorporated them throughout their brand identity and web experience: from brand voice and fidelity, to more expressive typographic choices, to being more accessible to more people across more devices — and even some benefits for website engineering and infrastructure teams. Even if only one or two of these use cases make sense for your work — variable fonts are ready to make a huge impact for your organization. 

Creative Characters S3 E17

Creative Characters S3 E17: Exploring the fluorescent legacy of Baltimore’s Globe Press with Allison Tipton.

Creative Characters S3 E16

Creative Characters S3 E16: What our emotions can teach us about design and branding.

The Hundred.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have reimagined Cricket with the introduction of a new competition; ‘The Hundred’. Monotype collaborated with FutureBrand London to create a bold and confident typographic identity aimed at shifting perceptions to attract a wider audience to the game.

Reflecting on Adobe MAX 2023.

There is nothing as exhilarating as spending three jam-packed days surrounded by friends old and new, learning with each other and from one another at Adobe MAX. Read on for our thoughts after the event.

Creative Characters S3 E17: Exploring the fluorescent legacy of Baltimore's Globe Press with Allison Tipton.

The Globe and its archive are now part of the Maryland College Institute of Art (MICA). Tune in as Charles Nix is joined by Allison Tipton from MICA to discuss the living legacy of this landmark print shop.

Creative Characters S3 E16: What our emotions can teach us about design and branding.

This week, we dive into Monotype’s scientific research on the emotional power of typography. Marie Boulanger, Senior Brand Designer at Monotype, joins as a guest and shares some of the thinking, methodology, and insights behind the global studies. Tune in for more.

Celebrating community and creativity at Brand Talks Chicago.

We recently had the fortune of hosting our first-ever Brand Talks in Chicago. Read on as we recap some of the highlights from this wonderful event.

Creative Characters S3 E15: Talking shop with David Berlow, type hero and font technology pioneer.

David Berlow has been at the forefront of type design, publishing, and technology for 45 years. In this week’s episode Tom Rickner, the Senior Director of the Studio at Monotype, sits down with Berlow. Tune in to hear the two reminisce, talk shop, and explore Berlow’s influences, predictions, and perspectives on mentorship and team building.  

Erwin Hines

Creative Characters S3 E14: From Basquiat to branding: how Erwin Hines creates space for community, dialogue, and collective liberation.