Global Expansion.

Create universality, without sacrificing consistency.

The Monotype Studio helps tackle one of the biggest branding challenges: creating universality, without sacrificing brand consistency. With the Global Expansion service, we help brands unify written expression across markets, messaging, channels and products.

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Expertise for expanding geographies.

The Monotype Studio provides the insights and expertise needed to make the best branding decisions when it comes to expanding into new geographies.


We’ve worked with global brands like Alibaba, H&M, Sony and Tencent to create a type system that enhances the brand’s visual identity. Our experts carefully tailor each typeface to meet market needs, while still providing a consistent customer experience across the world.


Cultural Insights.

The Monotype Studio helps brands expand into new territories without breaking cultural rules or compromising attributes. Our team of global type experts are well versed in the role of typography as it relates to cultural traditions and sensitivities. 


Whether it’s an American brand looking to expand to the United Kingdom or China, a major Japanese brand trying to expand into Latin markets, or an existing global brand looking for a more consistent look and feel, experts from the Monotype Studio can help. 

Global Expansion services.

What you get with the Global Expansion service.

  • A global team that can speak to local market nuances, experiences and best practices

  • Consultation with the Studio to better understand goals, challenges and opportunities in new markets

  • Report of findings (inconsistencies, type challenges and opportunities)

  • A proposed plan and timeline of next steps

Customer reviews.

Monotype understood our unique challenges and delivered a typeface that will take us to the next level in our branding efforts. We really appreciate their partnership as a true expert and extension of our team.

Chris Tung, Chief Marketing Officer of Alibaba Group

Our typeface ideals were translated, so to speak, into many languages. In the end, the typeface was ready for an impressive 93 languages, enabling consistent communication around the world.

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