Phil Garnham.
Creative Type Director.

In his words.

I create type for newness, a distinct voice, a unique way of speaking. This spirit of reinvention and collaboration is key to my work and successful brand typography.

Phil is a Creative Type Director and type designer with many years of experience in the design and engineering of fonts for global brands. Working in collaboration with design studios and global clients, Phil understands the creative and business needs of brands looking to build continuity with type.

Prior to joining the Monotype Studio, Phil directed type design projects at Fontsmith. He’s worked with type and logo clients from day one, building relationships in London’s studio design community. He collaborates with design studios to create alphabets of all shapes and styles. Phil thrives on the creative process—the seed of an idea, populated across letterforms. Creative thinking is hugely important to his design process, as is the integrity of line and curve and the balance of shapes to create a unique identity.

Away from the studio, Phil is a devoted Yoga practitioner, a painter, street photographer, musician and dad. He’s a busy chap with an enthusiasm to make new things. He studied Visual Communication at Middlesex University.