Jordan Bell.
Type Designer.

In his words.

Type design is most exciting when it’s personal. Each of us have a unique set of skills and experiences that influence the personality of our art, and that’s exactly why we need more fonts.

Jordan Bell is a letterer and type designer at Monotype. He is fascinated by handwriting and its effect on modern type design as well as early American typefounding. Originally from Texas, Jordan received a BFA from Abilene Christian University and then worked as a graphic designer in Santa Fe, NM before attending the MATD program at University of Reading in the UK to further his knowledge in design history, graphic communication, and typeface design.


Prior to joining Monotype, Jordan worked on a variety of projects at Hoefler&Co. including Operator, Inkwell, and Decimal, which was featured in the Netflix series “Abstract” and used throughout President Biden’s campaign. Other projects he has enjoyed contributing to include Archer, Ringside, and Sentinel Pro.

Jordan currently resides in Brooklyn where you can find him riding his bike, eating tacos, or walking his dog in the park.