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All Together: A Playful New Typeface That Reflects the Joy of M&M'S.

M&M’S® has been bringing people around the world together for more than 80 years. This year, the iconic brand got a modern makeover, with a revamped purpose of creating a world where everyone feels they belong. Other changes include a fresh look and updated personalities for the famous M&M’S characters; a more inclusive and welcoming tone of voice; and a new, attention-grabbing typeface called All Together — a large, warm, playful, and conversational family. 

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Musings from the metaverse: early NFT lessons for the type industry. 

We recently attended NFT LA and Miami NFT Week, where we mingled with investors, designers, artists, and blockchain builders. Here were our key takeaways on the potential for this emerging community.

Creative Characters S2 E4: David Sheldon-Hicks.

In this week’s episode, Phil Garnham talks with schoolmate David Sheldon-Hicks, the co-founder and Executive Creative Director of Territory Studio, a design firm that has worked on the veritable who’s-who of recent blockbuster films and video games.

Monotype x Limerick.

Over the past four years, we’ve been lucky to forge a reciprocal partnership with the Limerick School of Art & Design / TUS in Ireland. Both Creative Type Directors Tom Foley and Emilios Theofanous have now participated in workshops and modules at the leading fine art, design and creative media school. This year’s students were asked to write a message platform for one typeface and build a marketing plan and design assets to promote it in digital or print media.  

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We’re all in this together: The importance of building a brand from the inside out.

Everyone knows the saying, “what’s on the inside matters most.” Sure, a person’s character is more important than what they look like, but how does this relate to branding? A brand needs to look and act a certain way to engage with its audience, right?

On-demand webinar: Aligning the Enterprise with Brand Identity

Modern rebrands aren’t as simple as they used to be. In this webinar, Monotype’s Type Director, Tom Foley, is joined by Rick Sellars, Creative Director at Interbrand London to discuss the ins and outs for a successful rebranding.

How to keep your brand aligned along an ever-evolving customer journey.

Modern brands are not static, stationary objects. Today’s brands need to be agile and adaptable, permanently poised to respond to shifts in consumer expectations, emerging technology, and opportunities in other regions and languages.

Creating in the COVID era.

Is it time to rethink how creative work gets done?

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the effect the pandemic has had on the collaborative process that drives creative work at companies everywhere. Here are some ideas about where things could be heading. 

Soft serve digital and the importance of nostalgia during a crisis

Phil Garnham, Senior Creative Type Director at Monotype Studio explores the evolution of type in digital and celebrates the heritage at the heart of the Burger King rebrand.

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Creative Characters Ep. 20. Adam Weiler.

In this week’s episode, Monotype Type Director, Terrance Weinzierl has an inspiring conversation with designer, educator, and design thinker, Adam Weiler, who currently leads the social innovation program at Steelcase, a furniture company founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Font expertise from the Monotype Studio.

Typography terms and definitions.

From alternates to X-height, this list of typography terms and definitions covers just about everything you’d want to know about fonts and typography.

What are font superfamilies and why do we need them?

Font superfamilies are vast collections of type that can meet a multitude of needs without compromising on consistency. But what defines a superfamily, exactly?

What’s in a letterform?

A letter is more than the sum of its parts, but sometimes it helps to know what those parts are called. And it may not surprise you to learn that in a field as meticulous as typography, every little piece of a letter has a name.

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Keynote at Brand Talks: Bel Air, the Ultra Throne Experience.

Cristina Pandol, VP Creative, Brand and Entertainment Marketing, Westbrook Media, delivers the keynote presentation at Brand Talks in March 2022.

M&M'S Rebrand at Brand Talks.

Steffi Marty, Global Director of Brand Identity & Design, Mars, is joined by Kristie Malivindi, Design Director and Lilia Quinaud, Senior Designer at Jones Knowles Ritchie to discuss the discuss the purpose, process and results from their work on the M&M’S redesign at Brand Talks in March, 2022.

Trends panel discussion at Brand Talks.

Phil Garnham, Creative Type Director at Monotype, moderates an engaging discussing with notable panelists Louise Sloper, Creative Director & Founder, Here.We.Go. Studio; Mark Wood, Senior Creative Director, Superunion; and Sam Cutler, Creative Director, Design Bridge.

Meet the 2021 Beatrice Warde Scholarship recipient: Ximena Amaya.

We recently caught up with Ximena Amaya, a young designer who is currently interning at Pentagram. Ximena talked about her own bold and sometimes rebellious design style, her passion for the feminist movement in her home country of Mexico, and how design can be used as a communication tool.

Meet the 2021 Adé Hogue Scholarship recipient: Sakinah Bell.

In a recent interview with Monotype, Sakinah Bell, discussed how creative work has provided an outlet to improve her mental health as well as to process current events. Bell described her colorful, bold use of hand-drawn type, her senior thesis focused on metamorphosis, as well as the personal significance of winning the scholarship after overcoming many of life’s hardships.

Creative Characters S2 E2: Dewey Bryan Saunders.

In this week’s episode, Monotype Senior Content Strategist Kadley Gosselin is joined by Dewey Bryan Saunders, the designer behind album covers for artists like Anderson .Paak, Future, and Turnstile.

Type Trends: 2022 and Beyond.

Watch our Type Trends webinar to learn how design reflects society, key trends in typography and branding, and how the creative world is adopting technology like animation, variable type and NFTs.

Creative Characters S2 E1: Andrew van der Merwe

In the first episode of Season 2, Carl Unger sits down with calligrapher, letter artist and “beachscriber,” Andrew van der Merwe from Cape Town, South Africa. 

Monotype Fonts: Variable fonts & 2022 roadmap

Learn about our exciting new platform features coming in 2022, and how to use variable fonts to amplify your work.