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eBook: Type Trends

Monotype’s Type Trends report explores how today’s brands are using innovative typography to build identities ready for an ever-evolving future. Featuring examples from a myriad of industries and global regions, you will see how type is reflecting the interests of modern consumers. 

Free 2021 Type Trends font pack.

Our Type Trends 2021 report covers everything happening in the world of type design today, and now you can get the look for yourself! Each of these ten free weights represent a trend from our report, giving you a chance to explore them in your own designs.

For information on what is included in this pack of fonts, you’ll find the details here.


eBook - Always read the fine print.

Our new eBook, Always read the fine print: How modern fonts solve today’s (and tomorrow’s) legibility challenges, takes a look at the evolution of font design to illustrate why today’s brands need fonts designed for the customer experience.

The eBook gives examples of how new fonts are created (and old favorites are reimagined) to handle the demands of modern technology, so you can ensure the font you choose for your brand won’t let you down.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

Why many popular fonts from years past fall short of today’s demands.

What font designers can do to ensure your message works everywhere.

Important font features every brand should know.

Download Vary Light for free

Vary, designed by Olli Meier and the Monotype Studio, is a fun Sans Serif that includes classic, modern, and loopy shapes, and is available in 10 weights, from Hairline to ExtraBlack, and also as a variable font.

This desktop-only font is yours to keep and use indefinitely.



eBook: How retail brands can compete in our new digital reality.

The retail industry has experienced arguably the most drastic series of changes over the past decade. Now, enter COVID-19. The pandemic has accelerated the inevitable, forcing everyone online, and the numbers are staggering: U.S. retailers’ online revenue has spiked by 68% year-over-year in 2020. Brands that hadn’t made or even begun the shift to a digital model have had to do so overnight.

Our latest eBook details the ways retail brands (and any brand, really) can make that transition and prepare for whatever’s next.


New eBook: 5 ways to take the hassle out of asset licensing

In this eBook, we’ll discuss how you can relieve some of that burden, while developing a simple, more secure process that puts the focus where it belongs: on the creative work itself.


Read our eBook: Five font factors to consider for the financial services sector.

Companies in the financial services sector must keep pace with shifts in consumer behavior and expectations. Our latest eBook outlines five ways fonts can help.