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Read the Report: Type Trends 2023.

Now, more than ever, our lives and our design work are constantly in motion. This year’s type trends report is an opportunity for reflection and projection, a pit-stop along the way, to help you charge up and plan for the year ahead. The trends report in front of you is a scenic overlook, a landscape snapshot worth capturing.


Can fonts affect our feelings?

In partnership with applied neuroscience company Neurons, we began conducting research to find out if and how different typefaces really do affect our emotional state. We wanted to understand how fonts drive experiences, associations, and feelings, and assess the effectiveness of different typefaces in different situations. 


eBook: Type Trends 2022

Monotype’s 2022 Type Trends report explores how several socioeconomic, political, and cultural events continue to shape the way we approach creative work and how connect to each other online and offline.


Always read the fine print.

Learn how today’s fonts handle the demands of modern technology, so you can ensure the fonts you use won’t let your brand down.



How retail brands can compete in our new digital reality.

Modern retail brands find themselves in an era of unprecedented disruption. Here are five ways fonts can strengthen your brand and customer experience.


eBook: 5 ways to take the hassle out of asset licensing

Learn how you can develop a simple, more secure approach to font licensing that puts the focus where it belongs: on the creative work itself.


Five font factors to consider for the financial services sector.

This eBook outlines five ways fonts can help financial services companies keep pace with shifts in consumer behavior and expectations.