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Unlock the Report: Type Trends 2024.

The time has come, our popular Type Trends report is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever. Over the last year, we here at Monotype have been scouring the world for inspiring design work and compiling examples of typography that reflect these changing times. Will 2024 be a year of chaotic maximalism, stylish serifs, or quirky hand-lettering? You’ll have to dig in to find out. 

Bekaert — Typographic purpose with Interbrand and Monotype

Bekaert — Typographic purpose with Interbrand and Monotype

4 popular book cover design trends in 2023.

In this article, get a peek at recent and upcoming book releases in a variety of genres to get a sense of what typography styles are trending in publishing right now. This post is a guest piece from our friends at Reedsy, a website that connects authors with publishing professionals.

Q&A from the 2023 Type Trends Webinar.

We recently presented our 2023 Type Trends report during a lively, interactive webinar. Our Creative Type Directors and report curators, Emilios Theofanous and Terrance Weinzierl, walked through the projects featured in the report to a global audience of over 1,300 live attendees. There were too many thoughtful questions to answer during the Q&A, so we’ve taken the time to answer them below. Enjoy!  

Webinar: Type Trends 2023 & How to Use Them

When it comes to trends, timing is everything.

Making the Type Trends Report.

This week, we take you behind the scenes of one of Monotype’s biggest, and most anticipated campaigns of the year: the annual Type Trends report. Tune in to hear from the report’s curators, Creative Type Directors Terrance Weinzierl and Emilios Theofanous on their experiences producing the report.

Read the Report: Type Trends 2023.

Now, more than ever, our lives and our design work are constantly in motion. This year’s type trends report is an opportunity for reflection and projection, a pit-stop along the way, to help you charge up and plan for the year ahead. The trends report in front of you is a scenic overlook, a landscape snapshot worth capturing.

Gauge your clients’ font needs with these 12 questions.

When you’re undertaking the daunting, yet important task of determining client font usage, these questions can help get you started. Check them out in the article below.

Fonts, simplified. By Monotype.

Marketing leaders: you might not realize that streamlining font purchasing in your organization can create substantial efficiencies for your design team, reduce risk, elevate your brand, and save money. Learn how Monotype Fonts not only helps designers, but supports leaders in their mission to help teams work smarter.

5 rebrands that used type to transform their sector.

Rebranding a business is not for the faint of heart. It’s an enormous operation that requires significant time and investment while offering the possibility of totally revitalizing a brand.

How a Monotype subscription minimizes font-related security threats.

Creatives often search far and wide to find the perfect fonts. With the added pressure of finding high-quality fonts at a bargain (or for free), creatives can unknowingly introduce vulnerabilities to your network. Fonts are, after all, software, and like all software, they can be used for malicious purposes.

How consumer user experience expectations have changed and what this means for type usage.

In case you missed it: there have been some major world and culture shifts lately! At the risk of attributing everything to the COVID in the room, the global pandemic has sparked lasting feelings of isolation and a deeper reliance on digital experiences.

How to find the right fonts quickly.

Tight deadlines can take the fun out of searching for fonts. Instead of thoughtfully searching for and finding the right font, you often have to settle for “good enough.” See how an intuitive search process can help you find the right font fast.

Found some font inconsistencies? Here’s what to do next.

The best way to ensure brand continuity across all customer touchpoints? The consistent use of fonts. But inconsistencies are surprisingly common. Use this guide to find and resolve them.