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Creative Characters S4 E2: Talking type that melts in your heart (not in your hand) with Steffi Marti.

This week, host Charles Nix sits down with Steffi Marti, the Global Head of Brand Identity and Design for Mars Snacking. Tune in to hear more.

Creative Characters S4 E1: Behind the 2024 Type Trends report with Jordan Bell and Damien Collot.

Join Type Designer Jordan Bell and Creative Type Director Damien Collot as they discuss their experiences curating this year’s Type Trends report. Enjoy!

Creative Characters S3 E20: Studios we love: the stories of ArrowType, Type Salon, and Blaze Type.

We’re closing out 2023 by spotlighting three amazing type studios from different corners of the world - and three of our favorite hosts. Listen to the full episode for more.

Creative Characters S3 E19: Roger Black and Charles Nix trace the history of type.

Roger Black draws from origins and evolution of type, type trend drivers, and his own career, in this week’s episode with our own Charles Nix. Listen to the full episode for more.

Creative Characters S3 E18: Celebrating community, embracing vulnerability, and fostering self-discovery at Adobe MAX 2023.

Now that the Adobe MAX dust has settled, we bring you our second annual recap of the inspiring event that brought 10,000 from around the world to Los Angeles in late October. Listen to the episode for more.

Foundry Stories. From Monotype Fonts.

If you’re here, you likely use, appreciate, and maybe even love type. You might have a favorite (or least favorite) font. Like any good piece of art, each font has an origin, a story, and a team of passionate creators that brought it to life. How much do you know about the designers and creators of those letterforms? Hear from some of our favorite designers about how they got started, what inspires their work, and how Monotype helps deliver their designs to your screens.

Q&A from the 2023 Type Trends Webinar.

We recently presented our 2023 Type Trends report during a lively, interactive webinar. Our Creative Type Directors and report curators, Emilios Theofanous and Terrance Weinzierl, walked through the projects featured in the report to a global audience of over 1,300 live attendees. There were too many thoughtful questions to answer during the Q&A, so we’ve taken the time to answer them below. Enjoy!  

Putting AI to work: The magic of typeface pairing.

Have you ever cooked a meal at home and been delighted to find the perfect ingredient to complement your recipe? Maybe you forgot you had cilantro, crushed peanuts, or lemon juice, and it’s just the thing you needed to elevate your dish.

Gauge your clients’ font needs with these 12 questions.

When you’re undertaking the daunting, yet important task of determining client font usage, these questions can help get you started. Check them out in the article below.

Become your agency’s type hero.

Instead of spending countless hours choosing fonts for agencies, advocate for a cloud-based font solution to save time and money. Lean into your hero role with these solutions.

Creative Characters S2 E17: 'Live' from Adobe MAX, this week's guest is: You!

We recently packed up our recording gear and traveled to Adobe MAX, one of the largest creative conferences in the world, to scan people’s brains (yes, really) and connect with creatives just like you. Listen to the episode to find out more. 

How moving away from VPN and into a cloud-based solution will improve workflow and connect your offices.

VPNs might be great at protecting your company network, but it’s an outdated way to use and manage fonts. A VPN-powered network slows creative production down and disrupts creators’ workflows, costing your organization time and money.

Monotype Fonts FAQ for non-creatives.

Get your common Monotype Fonts questions answered with our FAQ dedicated to the non-creative. From subscription features to definitions, find out everything you need to know before you sign up.

Why Monotype Fonts makes financial sense for creative teams.

Depending on how you currently manage your fonts, paying for a Monotype Fonts subscription can be an upfront investment that provides a substantial return. But as with anything that requires a yearly fee, it’s natural to wonder whether spending money on a font management tool makes financial sense to your creative team.