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Webinar: Type Trends: 2021 and Beyond

After a year like no other, and with an ever-changing future ahead, it is truly an exciting time for the creative industry. Consumers and brands are looking to creatives to find and define the balance between our rapidly digitizing lifestyle and an equally strong yearning for something tangible.

Join Charles Nix and Phil Garnham from the Monotype Studio for an in-depth look at the typographic trends that have emerged from this experience. In this 45-minute interactive session, you’ll discover:

  • How advancements in technology have influenced new uses of type

  • How human influence and world events inspire creative themes

  • How brands are using type to connect with today’s consumers

  • A glimpse into the future of typography


We are thrilled to see this webinar series coming to Russia for the first time.

Our Monotype webinars are developed by creatives for creatives with the purpose of gaining practical and valuable knowledge on the visual components of brand communication through  interactive presentations.

Our speakers are from internationally respected brands and agencies and deliver talks to stimulate and inspire the marketing and creative communities. It is a creative networking platform where vision and knowledge transfer are the key focus.

We are thrilled to see this webinar series coming to Russia for the first time.

Join Monotype and Paratype to learn about:

  • What does the future of brand design look like? 

  • How does the current pandemic affect it? 

  • Can designers develop a visual identity in a sustainable way? 

Monotype Fonts: 2021 Product Roadmap

Join us for this LIVE webinar to meet the experts behind Monotype Fonts and get a first-hand look at the new features available now or coming soon in 2021. We’ll share 2020 customer trends, 2021 plans and an exciting new beta program. This is a great opportunity to learn what’s coming and to provide feedback that will influence the evolution of Monotype Fonts. 

 We’ll review: 

  • 2020 in review: insights on enterprise font management and discovery

  • Product focus areas for 2021

  • Monotype Fonts, what’s behind the new name

  • Intelligent Type Assistant beta program




How Type is Adapting to the New Normal.

Join us to discover insights into the evolving world of fonts from our Sr. Director of Brand, James Fooks-Bale. We’ll discuss the four main areas of change to anticipate in the font industry, and how type design can help your brand reflect its core values.

In the webinar you’ll discover:

  • The importance of fonts to your brand value

  • How type and design can properly reflect your core brand values

  • Four areas of evolution in the type industry