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VIP Type Tour of the Letterform Archive

You’re invited to an exclusive and curated tour of the Letterform Archive in San Francisco, a collection of over 100,000 items related to lettering, typography, calligraphy, and graphic design, spanning thousands of years of history. 

Here’s what we have in store for the day: 

  • Curated Collections of Typography: Explore some of the most impressive and historically significant typography collections in the world. It’s a rare chance to immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of letterforms and get inspired.  

  • Masterclass on Enterprise Typography Challenges: A chance to discuss key trends and challenges you are facing with peers, chaired by our in-house type guru and Senior Executive Creative Director, Charles Nix. 

  • Happy Hour: An opportunity to network and unwind with a drink or two after the tour. 

We believe this event will not only be informative but also a lot of fun! It’s a chance to deepen your understanding of typography and network with peers in the industry. 

Brand Talks at SXSW®

How do brands inspire butterflies? How can a font give goosebumps? Why do specific memories spring to mind at the sight of a certain composition of colors and lines? In short, why do we love typography in branding? 

Join us as we dive into this topic during a LIVE recording of our Creative Character podcast: “Branding Masterclass.” Our speakers will share their expertise on using typography to sculpt a brand that inspires lasting love and then will open the floor to a Q&A.  


Live webinar: Type trends in 2024 in practice.

What is type saying to us in 2024? This year’s Type Trends report is a celebratory look at the universality of type – a collection of groundbreaking designs that reflects our changing world.  

Join this year’s report curators, Monotype Creative Type Director Damien Collot, and Type Designer Jordan Bell, as they present projects featured in the report from agencies, designers, and foundries spanning the globe.


Exploring typography's emotional influence: A global look.

In the world of design and marketing, every detail matters. Color, messaging, and layout are all essential, but did you know typeface choice alone can boost positive consumer response by up to 13%?


Brand Talks Chicago 2023

Experience Brand Talks Chicago 2023 and learn about the fascinating projects of renowned industry experts such as James Sommerville, founder of KnownUnknown, and LaShun Tines, Design Director, Weiden & Kennedy.


Bekaert — Typographic purpose with Interbrand and Monotype

The webinar brings together the best and brightest minds in design, marketing and branding. Brands (and branding) are at an inflection point. Successful brands create more than products, provide more than simple identification. They create meaningful interaction, independent of their industry.


Brand Talks San Francisco 2023

Experience Brand Talks San Francisco 2023 and learn about the fascinating projects of renowned industry experts such as Silvia Oviedo Lopez, Head of Content, Discovery and Print at Canva, as they walk you through how they differentiate their brands through visual identity and innovative design and marketing campaigns.  

Brand Talks Paris 2023

Monotype met son expertise typographique et technologique au service de marques de renommées internationales. Nous nous associons à des fonderies de premier plan pour fournir le plus large éventail de choix de polices d’écriture de haute qualité.


Type Trends 2023 & How To Use Them.

When it comes to trends, timing is everything. Get an “in” on this year’s type trends so you can stay ahead of the design curve in 2023.


Design with PRIDE: Celebrating inclusivity with NYC Pride

Can you have a movement without a typeface? Uncover the story behind the NYC Pride rebrand, its mission to inspire, and learn how such an iconic typeface plays a fundamental role in their event. 


Finding your Voice: How to Choose the Right Typeface.

The right typeface for your design can truly set you apart, yet there are hundreds of thousands of fonts, and each is crafted distinctively. So how do you know you found the right one? Sign up for our free webinar and learn how to explore typefaces like a typographer from our panel of creative experts.


The science behind the emotional impact of type.

Can fonts influence our response to taglines and slogans? Can they encourage us to perceive a company logo in a more positive way? Do they really build trust between brands and consumers? Check out this webinar to find out.


Type Trends: 2022 and Beyond.

Join Charles Nix and Phil Garnham from the Monotype Studio for an in-depth look at the typographic trends that have emerged, as well as those that have evolved since last year’s report.


Monotype Fonts: Variable fonts & 2022 roadmap

Learn about our exciting new platform features coming in 2022, and how to use variable fonts to amplify your work. 


Why Type? The Role of Type in Branding.

Monotype’s Senior Director of Brand James Fooks-Bale and Creative Type Director Tom Foley will guide you through what brands need to deal with today’s digital world, and into the future.  


Monotype X R/GA: Variable fonts as a brand enhancer in the digital world.

Join Lars Hansson from R/GA and Terrance Weinzierl from the Monotype Studio for this interactive webinar, as they delve into the grand spectrum of possibilities that variable fonts will offer creatives, brand teams, and marketers in the digital world. 


Monotype Fonts: Best Practices for Frictionless Creativity.

Meet the experts behind Monotype Fonts as they guide you through best practices to get the most value out of the platform. We’ll share font management tips and advice, workflow and collaboration optimization, and more.


Shutterstock x Monotype: 5 design trends to watch in 2021.

Join Monotype & Shutterstock to discover the trends driving branding and design today, and take a look at what’s on the horizon for 2021 and beyond.