What is a font license agreement?

Without a doubt, it is always best practice to read every word of any contract before signing. Yet, life is short and leaving legal reading to the legal team is understandably tempting. But End User License Agreements (EULAs) are actually very straight forward, particularly if you are looking out for certain terms.

Monotype Fonts FAQ for non-creatives.

Get your common Monotype Fonts questions answered with our FAQ dedicated to the non-creative. From subscription features to definitions, find out everything you need to know before you sign up.

Alex Swatridge's Keynote from Brand Talks London.

Alex Swatridge, Creative Partner at DutchScot, delivered the keynote address at Brand Talks London in November 2022.

Brand Talks London Introduction with Tom Foley.

Tom Foley opens Brand Talks London with an exploration of how much the customer has changed over the last several years – namely around the importance of activism, social justice, and environmental ethics.

Foundry Stories. From Monotype Fonts.

If you’re here, you likely use, appreciate, and maybe even love type. You might have a favorite (or least favorite) font. Like any good piece of art, each font has an origin, a story, and a team of passionate creators that brought it to life. How much do you know about the designers and creators of those letterforms? Hear from some of our favorite designers about how they got started, what inspires their work, and how Monotype helps deliver their designs to your screens.

Fonts, simplified. By Monotype.

Marketing leaders: you might not realize that streamlining font purchasing in your organization can create substantial efficiencies for your design team, reduce risk, elevate your brand, and save money. Learn how Monotype Fonts not only helps designers, but supports leaders in their mission to help teams work smarter.

Simon Betsch's Keynote at Brand Talks Munich.

Simon Betsch (Managing Partner KMS TEAM), will show in his keynote how brands can meet consumer expectations in times of social and economic upheaval.

WWF - The First Metaverse for a Good Cause at Brand Talks Munich.

Karl Nowak (WWF) and Christian Weigel (Digitas Pixelpark) presented the saveyour.world campaign in the metaverse, which features a young, engaged audience that wants to contribute to saving the real world.

TeleNeo by Metadesign at Brand Talks Munich.

Deutsche Telekom, represented by its Senior Brand Manager Andreas Kirpal with Hendrik Bruning, Creative Director, Metadesign, presented their new house font TeleNeo.

Future London Academy: Typography 3.0 with Monotype.

Emilios Theofanous and Phil Garnham and the team of the Future London Academy as they revisit typographic craft, train the eye and place form back into context.

Why Fonts Make Us Feel with Phil Garnham at Brand Talks Munich.

Phil Garnham, Senior Type Director at Monotype, presented the results of a scientific study that qualitatively and quantitatively proves the influence of type.

Why Fonts Make Us Feel with Terrance Weinzierl at Brand Talks Austin.

Terrance Weinzierl, Creative Type Director at Monotype, presented at Brand Talks Austin in December 2022, giving an overview of our ongoing research into the neuroscience of typography.

The Neuroscience Behind the Emotional Power of Typography at Brand Talks London.

Marie Boulanger, brand designer at Monotype, presented at Brand Talks London in November 2022, giving an overview of our ongoing research into the neuroscience of typography.

The Typography Hierarchy of Needs with Charles Nix at Brand Talks Austin.

Monotype Creative Director, Charles Nix, served as emcee for Brand Talks Austin in December 2022.

Inclusive Design with Jeremy Lindley at Brand Talks London.

Jeremy Lindley, Global Design Director for Diageo, spoke about inclusive design at Brand Talks London in November 2022.

Brand Talks Austin Keynote Address.

Michu Benaim Steiner, Partner and CEO, and Lope Gutierrez, Partner of In-House International delivered the keynote address at Brand Talks Austin in December 2022

Direct from the Studio: More. Helvetica. Now.

Charles Nix, Creative Type Director at the Monotype Studio, takes us on a journey through the evolution of Helvetica®, from its earliest beginnings through to where we are today—the powerful and functional Helvetica Now Variable.