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Behind the font: Carl Crossgrove of the Monotype Studio.

Behind the font highlights the people and process behind the fonts you love and use. This installment features Carl Crossgrove of the Monotype Studio.

Mobile or bust: Why forward-thinking retailers are prioritizing the mobile experience.

Retail customers are scattered across a wide range of touchpoints and react with them all interchangeably. However, they’re all linked through the mobile experience.

Ruq’ah - the new style.

In this feature from the Recorder, issue 2, we speak to the Swiss designer about how his natural aversion to authority has played a role in his approach, and how his work aims to break the boredom of everyday design.

Fonts to fit your augmented and virtual reality designs.

Setting text in augmented and virtual reality presents new design challenges. Learn about six fonts that can enhance your AR/VR creations.

Part 1: from TrueType GX to Variable Fonts.

Tom Rickner, veteran type designer, shares his personal role in the beginnings of type’s most exciting development in decades.

Fonts for Cars

Absorbing information quickly is more than a convenience at 60mph. Fonts for cars must emit visual appeal and brand consistency, while being exceptionally legible and readable at a glance. This collection illustrates a sampling of typefaces that can be read easily to help keep drivers’ eyes where they belong — on the road.

How financial institutions can build trust in an era of relentless scams.

In an industry where scams are commonplace and no brand is immune, trust is fragile. So, how can financial institutions build it, and build it to last?

See how Monotype empowers a better in-car experience.

Consumers are increasingly demanding connectivity in their vehicles, and are prioritizing in-car technology that enhances the driving experience.

Can fonts be sexy? Tell us in the 2019 Font Purchasing Habits Survey.

How much are designers willing to pay for high-quality fonts? Are variable fonts ready for showtime? These are among the mysteries this annual survey seeks to unravel.

What’s on tap for Adobe MAX 2019.

Adobe MAX is right around the corner! Here’s a quick look at what we have planned for this year’s conference.

Where digital and physical meet: The future of retail.

The idea of brick and mortar stores has been a hot topic lately. Are they dying? Thriving? Whatever you believe, they’re changing, with an eye toward digital.

The evolution of typography with variable fonts.

With the emergence of variable fonts, design no longer has to be traded for page speed. See how this new technology can transform how we think about web design.

What is optical sizing and how can it help your brand?

Optical sizing has long been part of the type designer’s toolbox, but  for many people the term may not be familiar. Here’s why that should change.

SST: a font for everywhere.

The SST font tackles a central challenge of branding – universality. The SST superfamily supports more than 90 languages including Japanese, Thai and Arabic.

Embrace Ambiguity.

Monotype introduces Ambiguity, a typeface designed to effectively express a range of attitudes and beliefs.

From Neue to Now: How Helvetica evolved for the 21st century.

Designers and studios might be deeply familiar with Neue Helvetica, but it’s the product of a pre-digital era. Here are four reasons why it’s time to switch.

How fonts can help you win the technology race.

As technology raises the stakes for brands, fonts can either level you up or hold you back. A simple, well-organized font system is essential to making sure you can keep pace.

The challenging game of designing for sports.

The World Cup is back, and all eyes are zeroed in on the best football … jersey fonts? We examine the tall task of designing for the world of sport.