Dear agencies: Stop buying fonts, ok?

Let’s look at the ways Monotype Fonts removes the blockers, saves the cost, and opens the door to creativity.

Run an agency, or maybe you’re the head of production at one? Then you may or may not know about this major time- and money-saver when it comes to buying fonts, which is this: you don’t need to buy or license them, ever. Read that again in case you need to.

“Do people still buy fonts?” you ask. Ahem, we’ll get into that. Let’s break down what it means, first. Buying a font means you’re actually leasing the right to use it in some way, shape, or form. Whether it’s for desktop use only, such as for prototyping, or a digital license for website use—knowing what you’re buying, and what it’s good for is key. It can get pretty complicated, pretty fast, but the good news is agencies don’t have to worry about buying fonts anymore. 

Let’s look at the ways Monotype Fonts removes the blockers, saves the cost, and opens the door to creativity, letting designers have a field day so that client work can really shine. 

Reasons you should never buy fonts:

Your fonts will probably become out of date.

Did you buy Garamond in the ‘90s? We can bet it’s not the same Garamond that’s available today. Font formats update and change over the years, with improved x-heights, updated kerning, and new languages added.

Technology is constantly changing.

Your font from 1992 was only ever created for a print and PDF world before smartphones and web fonts ever existed. Even a font from this era will need to keep up with the rapidly changing digital world.

Missing glyphs are roadblocks.

And they put a halt to the creative flow. Unfortunately, many glyphs are often missing in previously bought fonts - like the Euro symbol, for instance, which was only created in 1999. Who knows what new character sets the future holds?

Cheaper or free fonts come with problems.

Thinking you’ll save by purchasing a cheap font, or downloading a “free” font causes a host of problems. Missing characters, old font files, blurry rendering, to name a few.

Buying fonts is hard.

Especially when it comes to figuring what licensing goes where. Bottom line, it can get expensive quickly, and a streamlined solution like Monotype Fonts is helpful.


How Monotype Fonts can help:

Fonts are always up to date.

Monotype Fonts is cloud-based and refreshes constantly, so you’ll always have the right version of the font. No more crashing font files from the 90s.

Full character sets included.

Monotype Fonts will practically never have a missing character set or glyph. It’s just built that way. The library also includes a variety of fonts in other languages.

Pitch work, worry free.

Pitching and prototyping license ensures your font is free to use on desktop, and for pitching client work. Let your design team make some great work without adding extra costs.

Design with confidence.

Design teams can feel assured that their fonts of choice will be OK to use in a client presentation. Advanced search features also save time from scouring the Internet for something new, only to find it can’t be used later.

Over 150,000 fonts to explore from our Foundry Partners.

And no need to buy a single one. All you need to do is direct your client to Monotype Fonts, and we’ll take care of the rest, from licensing to Z.

If you run a design agency and think you need to buy fonts, think again. A cloud-based font subscription and management system like Monotype Fonts gives you a lot less to worry about. Giving your creative team the freedom to design and create powerful branding. With over 150,000 fonts available, means you can let creativity shine.

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Dear agencies: Stop buying fonts, ok?