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The Future of Brand Expression.

Brands are like the people that build them—complex, connected, unique, and creative. At Monotype, we help brands realize their full identity and express it to the world.

Fonts: The underrated political campaign staffer.

There’s so much more to political campaigns than ideology. Sure, there’s the political party (or lack thereof), core beliefs and issues, debate performance, and events. But a silent, less obvious contributor to a campaign is the design behind it—the nonverbal communication conveyed through font choices, design elements, and color palette—that impacts our perception of a candidate.

What visual communication might look like in 50 years.

Design Week editor Angus Montgomery considers what visual communication will look like in 50 years’ time, with his predictions informed by a look back at the past 50 years.

Finding your type.

Think of a brand from your childhood, that you associate with that time in your life. Is it still around? Perhaps it is, yet amazingly, many of our favorite brands struggle to evolve alongside the communities that they serve.

Fonts for Cars

Absorbing information quickly is more than a convenience at 60mph. Fonts for cars must emit visual appeal and brand consistency, while being exceptionally legible and readable at a glance. This collection illustrates a sampling of typefaces that can be read easily to help keep drivers’ eyes where they belong — on the road.

How financial institutions can build trust

Some Venmo customers have gotten a rude awakening lately, in the form of scam messages directing them to fake versions of Venmo’s app.

Better in-car experience

Consumers are increasingly demanding connectivity in their vehicles, and are prioritizing in-car technology that enhances the driving experience. See how Monotype’s Embedded Solutions for OEMs can help automotive brands empower their end-to-end visual identities.

2019 Font Purchasing Habits Survey

How much are designers willing to pay for high-quality fonts? Are variable fonts ready for showtime? And most important: Can fonts be sexy? These are among the mysteries the fourth annual Font Purchasing Habits Survey seeks to unravel.

Adobe MAX 2019

Adobe MAX is right around the corner! Here’s a quick look at what we have planned for this year’s conference.

How understanding font licenses can simplify creatives' lives

Graphic designers and other creative team members are the primary users of the fonts a company licenses, but licensing approval typically runs through other departments. Instead of easily and seamlessly licensing the fonts they need, creatives often need to stop what they're doing—which costs time, jeopardizes deadlines, and disrupts the creative process—to advocate for the proper licensing of quality fonts.

The future of retail

The idea of brick and mortar stores has been a hot topic lately. Are they dying? Thriving? Whatever you believe, they’re changing, with an eye toward digital.

Fitter, happier, more productive: How web fonts can lead to workflow efficiencies.

See how styling live text with web fonts can be far more efficient and streamlined than old-fashioned methods, especially when building digital ads.

What is optical sizing and how can it help your brand?

Optical sizing has long been part of the type designer’s toolbox, but  for many people the term may not be familiar. Here's why that should change.

SST: a font for everywhere.

The SST font tackles a central challenge of branding – universality. The SST superfamily supports more than 90 languages including Japanese, Thai and Arabic.

Embrace Ambiguity.

Monotype introduces Ambiguity, a typeface designed to effectively express a range of attitudes and beliefs.

From Neue to Now: How Helvetica evolved for the 21st century.

Designers and studios might be deeply familiar with Neue Helvetica, but it’s the product of a pre-digital era. Here are four reasons why it’s time to switch.

A wordless future? What Mastercard’s new logo tells us about the modern brand.

Mastercard made waves when it announced that it will drop the word “Mastercard” from its logo. But is it the right decision for every brand?

The challenging game of designing for sports.

The World Cup is back, and all eyes are zeroed in on the best football ... jersey fonts? We examine the tall task of designing for the world of sport.