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Augmented and virtual reality.

We’ve compiled six common myths around the role of text in augmented and virtual environments and reasons why these challenges don’t hold true.

Good type is a devil for detail

It was Beatrice Warde who first compared typefaces to the clothes that words wear. A finely tailored suit can completely change a person's appearance, and in the same way typefaces can drastically alter what words mean, how they work, and how they make us feel.

Good type can stretch

Choosing a typeface to represent a brand's voice isn't an easy decision, and it becomes more complicated when companies have to factor in the future. Type offers brands an immense amount of value, but it needs to be able to stretch.

Good type has secrets

Much like people, typefaces are multifaceted. They can be practical and straightforward, or they can be expressive and full of contrast, depending on how they're used. Making the most of a typeface means knowing how to unlock its secrets.

The Devil in the Details.

Good Type is a 10-part series of videos and articles that aim to answer a simple question: What makes good type ... good? The series offers an in-depth look at different aspects of font design to help designers understand how to choose the right font for a given project. Be sure to read parts onetwothreefourfivesix, and seven if you missed them.

Good type is a global traveler.

More than ever, type needs to travel. Doing business around the world is a necessity for many brands, meaning typefaces need to speak enough languages to work across the globe.

Talking creative collaboration with UK Type Director Tom Foley.

Today’s creative departments and agencies have their hands full. Marketing in the digital age is a constant juggling act, and requires more improvisation and adaptability than ever before. No surprise, then, that’s it’s also more important—and more difficult—than ever to keep your teams aligned and working together.

Good type is a team player.

Pairing typefaces is one of the more challenging tasks a typographer faces. It's a much-debated subject, and every designer will have their own approach, but there are some key guidelines that can help make the choice less daunting.

Good type is family.

A good typographic system is like a family—and just like people, it comes in all shapes and sizes.

Choosing Custom, Modified, or Library Type.

Choosing the right typeface can be a daunting task for any brand. At this year’s Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, California, we explored this topic in greater detail.

How to use figure styles in Illustrator.

When designing with type, the use of numbers can take a layout from good to great. I’ll detail the four main styles below, what they look like, and how to use them to the best of their ability. I’ll also add a few tidbits of related information as we go.

Good type can fly solo.

Fonts sit at an interesting intersection, somewhere between utility and beauty. They're part of the designer's toolbox, but go far beyond practicality—they have the power to provoke a powerful response. 

Good type reads to you.

Conveying a message with clarity means finding a typeface that's effortless to read. That goes a step further than making sure people can interpret it with ease.

Neue Kabel: reshaping a lost classic.

Neue Kabel brings back the liveliness of the original's strikingly quirky characters, while adding in the long-lost italics and missing glyphs needed for it to address a wide range of editorial and branding purposes.

Good type respects its elders.

Every font has a piece of history associated with its creation. Much as elements of ancient myth and folklore re-emerge in today's popular culture, so do glimpses of designs from decades ago find their way into new fonts.

TThe new FlipFont app lets Samsung smartphone users personalize their devices.

Monotype has unveiled its new FlipFont app, which gives Samsung smartphone users access to more than 100 fonts to easily personalize their devices by changing their system fonts to match their personality, interests or mood.

2019 Font Purchasing Habits Survey

How much are designers willing to pay for high-quality fonts? Are variable fonts ready for showtime? And most important: Can fonts be sexy? These are among the mysteries the fourth annual Font Purchasing Habits Survey seeks to unravel.

Adobe MAX 2019

Adobe MAX is right around the corner! Here’s a quick look at what we have planned for this year’s conference.