Creative Characters S4 E7: Reinventing yourself at any age with Vic Lee.

Photo of artist Vic Lee sitting in front of a typographic mural celebrating the life of Virginia Woolf
I had a grade one listed building, all these walls to paint, and no skills. But that was when I fell in love with painting murals. As soon as the pen hit the wall, it was that ‘Eureka moment,’ and I never looked back.

Vic Lee.

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Hear Monotype Creative Director Graham Sturt in conversation with Vic Lee, an artist, illustrator, and self-described “ragamuffin.”

After years of doing graphic design work for agencies, Vic was ready for a change. So, he began sketching a streetscape from a little cafe in his London neighborhood — a practice that evolved into a popular local prints project and launched his career as a working artist.

Murals may be what Vic is best known for, as he’s inked them for clients across the UK and internationally. Currently, he’s painting a portrait a day, each inspired by a real person he’s seen out and about.

If you need some creative inspiration or are looking to reinvent your creative practice, this episode’s for you!




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Creative Characters S4 E7: Reinventing yourself at any age with Vic Lee.
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