Creative Characters S4 E8: Beyond Mexico ’68: Lance Wyman’s world of design.

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I always considered typography part of the design equation—it must be designed, not just chosen. As soon as you start choosing the same thing everyone else is choosing, you’re at a disadvantage as far as having a strong identity.

Lance Wyman.

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Host Graham Sturt journeys into the life and work of famed graphic designer Lance Wyman. Renowned for his iconic Mexico 1968 Olympics identity, Wyman shares the story of how a one-way flight to Mexico City ultimately landed him a role on this influential design team.

Wyman talks about other key moments in his career as well, like working on the Chrysler Pavilion at the ‘64-‘65 New York World’s Fair and creating a comprehensive wayfinding system for the Mexico City Metro.

The conversation also covers Wyman’s thoughts on design philosophy, his inferiority complex around typography, and his knack for infusing local cultural elements into his designs. Take a deep dive into the mind of a design legend who continues to influence the field well into his eighties.



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Creative Characters S4 E8: Beyond Mexico ’68: Lance Wyman’s world of design.
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