Monotype Fonts: Our font library structure explained.

Monotype Fonts: our font library structure explained.
The Monotype Fonts library stands as a strategic partner for brands like yours looking to make a lasting impact and to make their font lives easier.

You’ve heard about our font library; you may even have tested it out – but you’re still unsure whether it’s right for you and your team? We get it. Any choice should be informed especially when it comes to business, so we thought it might help to delve a little deeper into certain aspects of the platform and look at how they really make the difference for brands like yours.

  1. A broad palette.
    As a brand, your image and identity are everything, and keeping your brand consistent no matter the medium or the platform is vital. At the same time, it’s crucial to provide your design teams with the tools they need in order to push boundaries and be creative. Does that sound about right? It’s a good thing you’re here – our library was thought out as the ideal toolbox, no matter which shape, look or feel you decide to give your project. It’s not for nothing that we’re home to the world’s type. The Monotype Fonts library is the largest font library in the world, with over 150,000 different fonts readily accessible and useable. So many different styles, serif or otherwise, means the possibilities are pretty much endless. And since they’re organized in a high performing font management system, missing fonts and inconsistencies are a thing of the past.
  2. Fonts you can trust. 
    Like with any sound business decision, you want to make sure that all parties involved in a project are at the top of their game, and, crucially, that they’ll deliver. We work with some of the most talked about foundries in the world. From presidential campaigns, to celebrated brand identities, television networks and acclaimed publications, some of our foundries have worked on designs that have quite literally shaped the world we live in – and now they can work with you! Choosing our library, means working with recognized artists and typefaces you and your customers can trust.
  3. Strength in diversity. 
    In a busy commercial landscape, giving your brand a unique voice is essential if you want to stand out and connect with your audience. Your type choices are central to that, shaping as they do your look and identity. By extension, going for something slightly off the beaten track will speak directly to your uniqueness. Through our Foundry Program, we have partnered with thousands of smaller, independent and brilliantly talented type designers and foundries, meaning that you have a much wider variety of designs on offer and more opportunities to give your brand the edge it needs. At the same time, by choosing to work with Monotype Fonts, you’re supporting up and coming foundries, and ensuring that the Type industry remains as diverse as it is for years to come.
  4. Global impact.  
    In today’s globalized space, multi-lingual capabilities are tantamount. Type consistency plays a huge part in that and is crucial to maintaining brand recognition and unity across all your markets and regions. With the diversity of linguistic variations and cultural specificities, that can be a real challenge – but it’s one we’re here to help with! We have worked tirelessly with foundries and type designers across the world to ensure our offering fits with all your needs: our library currently covers over 150+ languages (and growing), meaning you can remain consistent even on an international scale.
  5. Time-saving technology.
    No matter what your needs are, from discovering and creating, to ensuring consistency across designs and geographies, you need a tool that will seamlessly fit into your workflow and that you know will run when you need it. The Monotype Fonts library is the most technologically advanced solution the market has to offer. By choosing it, you’re working with a platform you know you can trust and you’re future proofing your brand for whatever might come – you have the assurance that we will be ready and so too will the fonts you wish to use!

In short, your Monotype Fonts “library card” gives you access to some of the best type the world has to offer, from world-famous type designs to up and coming indie foundries, all the while taking into account your target audience, language and region, as well as your distribution needs. Championing diversity, innovation, and technological excellence, the Monotype Fonts library stands as a strategic partner for brands like yours looking to make a lasting impact and to make their font lives easier.


Monotype Fonts: Our font library structure explained.
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