Charles Nix.
Senior Executive Creative Director.

In his words.

Typography and type design is very direct and pure, in the way that we’re creating tools for other designers to use.

Charles Nix is a Senior Executive Creative Director, designer, typographer and educator. He was lead designer for  Helvetica Now and has designed a number of popular typefaces in the Monotype Library, including Walbaum and Hope Sans, which received a Certificate of Typographic Excellence in the 22nd Annual Type Directors Club Typeface Design Competition. He’s also designed custom typefaces for M&M’s and Progressive Insurance and contributed to the massive Google Noto project.

Prior to his position at Monotype, Charles co-owned a small publishing firm, where he designed hundreds of books, while also orchestrating all aspects of book production, from writing proposals to supervising printing. His experience in marketing, publicity and advertising gives him a unique perspective into the importance of type in branding.

Charles is also an educator, having chaired the Communication Design departments at the Center for Advanced Design in Malaysia and the Parsons School of Design in New York. He is also chairman emeritus of the board of the Type Directors Club (TDC), an international organization dedicated to furthering typographic excellence.

Charles has taught dozens of courses in graphic design, typography, and publication design for organizations, including Adobe Fonts, the TDC, Cooper Union (Type@Cooper), Typophiles, TypoCircle, and RGD; and recorded a number of type design courses for LinkedIn Learning.

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