Collaboration above all: How Monotype Fonts makes it easy for agencies.

Modern agencies can’t afford to waste time on tasks that should be simple.

If agencies are like beehives, brands are the queen bees. Swarms of information, ideas, strategies, copy, and design buzz in-and-out of the hive all day, working to make a brand as valuable as honey.

Oftentimes, vendors, freelancers, and others outside an agency are invited to bring their expertise to a project. This includes clients themselves. These external collaborators need access to the right fonts on their device, and getting that access is a process that can be ridden with blockers. Collaboration font management is real, and it can get “real” sticky if not addressed.

Font files appear different, or a designer simply might not have what they need to move forward, putting the brakes on work that’s on a deadline. Thankfully, Monotype Fonts offers a swift and stingless solution.

Types of user access to Monotype Fonts.

Admin: The ultimate role for a creative lead, owner, or project manager, giving full access, plus the ability to manage the platform.

Full Access: This means that all features are available to this user, including syncing, downloading fonts, and creating sets or lists.

Sync Access
:This means users are able to easily sync fonts to a software, without downloading the font.

Folder Access - Download: Users can download the fonts for use on their device.

Web Access:  
Only allows web font access with no access to syncing, download, or the ability to make sets and lists.

Web & Sync: Only syncing and web access, with no access to downloads, or the ability to make sets and lists.

: Allows syncing fonts by using the Monotype Fonts app View Only.

View Only: Can view fonts and font libraries, with no ability to download, sync, or make any changes to the library or list. 

Within your agency, the administrator can grant different levels of access, not only to external collaborators, but also within your organization itself. This ensures every person has the right access at the right time.

Removing users & wrapping up.

As soon as the collaboration is over, admins can easily disconnect users by removing their email address from the access page.

The bottom line? Sharing font files, and giving different levels of access to any external collaborator doesn’t have to be hard, or come with a headache.

After all, a modern agency can’t afford to waste time on tasks that should be simple, in theory. Monotype Fonts was built with this feature in mind, especially as a platform built by creatives, for creatives. Explore what other features agencies love at

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Collaboration above all: How Monotype Fonts makes it easy for agencies.