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Why Fonts Make Us Feel with Phil Garnham at Brand Talks Munich.

Phil Garnham, Senior Type Director at Monotype, presented the results of a scientific study that qualitatively and quantitatively proves the influence of type.

The Neuroscience Behind the Emotional Power of Typography at Brand Talks London.

Marie Boulanger, brand designer at Monotype, presented at Brand Talks London in November 2022, giving an overview of our ongoing research into the neuroscience of typography.

Why free fonts are costlier than you think.

From hidden viruses to incompatible applications, downloading free fonts comes with various challenges. Learn about the hidden dangers of free fonts and how a paid font library can help.

Become your agency’s type hero.

Instead of spending countless hours choosing fonts for agencies, advocate for a cloud-based font solution to save time and money. Lean into your hero role with these solutions.

Fonts, simplified. By Monotype.

Marketing leaders: you might not realize that streamlining font purchasing in your organization can create substantial efficiencies for your design team, reduce risk, elevate your brand, and save money. Learn how Monotype Fonts not only helps designers, but supports leaders in their mission to help teams work smarter.

The end of PostScript fonts is here, are you ready?

Adobe has announced that they’ll sunset support for authoring content with their Type 1 fonts (also known as PostScript, PS1, T1, and Adobe Type 1 fonts) by 2023. Read on for what you need to know.

How Monotype makes life easier for designers & design teams.

The story of our world is written in type. Learn how Monotype Fonts makes things a lot easier for designers, especially when it comes to finding and sharing fonts, acquiring licensing, staying relevant, and building great brands. Watch the video, and get excited—it may change your life.

4 Ways Monotype customer success services can benefit a creative.

Superheroes need sidekicks. Professional sports teams need coaches. And creative teams out there, whether they’re top-tier agencies or up-and-comers hungry to be the best, need a support team they can count on — especially when it comes to addressing their specific typeface and font licensing needs

4 ways creative teams can partner with Monotype Fonts.

Need help executing your creative typographic vision? The Monotype Fonts support team can help. Find out how.

Dear agencies: Stop buying fonts, ok?

Run an agency, or maybe you’re the head of production at one? Then you may or may not know about this major time- and money-saver when it comes to buying fonts, which is this: you don’t need to buy or license them, ever. Read that again in case you need to.

Agencies: Here’s how to handle multiple clients’ font design needs.

Picture it: Your agency is the talk of the town. You’ve acquired multiple clients, with new ones ready to sign on soon. Exciting opportunities are on the horizon. Account managers are thrilled. Leadership is thrilled. The creative team is also thrilled… but will onboarding a new client be the last, stress-inducing straw for your design team?

Why font performance matters & how to look for high-performing fonts compatible with your brand.

As your brand identity evolves, chances are you may be feeling some growing pains. You might be stretching as you search for the appropriate vision and brand identity for your evolving brand. We know firsthand that choosing the right fonts matters—font performance is crucial to delivering a positive customer experience, extending their connection to your brand.

Do you really need a custom font?

Choosing a font to represent your brand is no easy task. Your brand typeface is a first impression, the visual voice of your brand alongside your logo, colors, and imagery. Fonts carry emotional weight and can carry associations with other brands, content, or products.

No fuzzy business: 5 ways to keep your brand thriving in a digital age.

As our world becomes immersed in digital experiences, the type you use needs to keep up. Use this checklist to ensure your typeface meets the task at hand.

Found some font inconsistencies? Here’s what to do next.

The best way to ensure brand continuity across all customer touchpoints? The consistent use of fonts. But inconsistencies are surprisingly common. Use this guide to find and resolve them.

Touvlo: a zestful, modern grotesque with lively flair.

New from the Monotype Studio’s Creative Type Director, Emilios Theofanous, Touvlo – meaning brick in Greek – is an homage to London and the view from his studio window.