Type designer Jim Ford balances creating bespoke fonts for clients with his own artistic practice

Jim Ford

The designer behind several of the Monotype Library’s most distinctive typefaces, Jim Ford has collaborated with a diverse range of brands and businesses on custom font projects.

After a brief stint studying advertising in Chicago, Jim Ford was drawn to type design – an opportunity to further his interest in hand-lettering and typographic history. At Monotype, Ford collaborates on bespoke type projects, completing designs for everything from brand agencies and software manufacturers to video games and devices. His Quire Sans typeface blended traditional book typography with the needs of modern electronic media, while he took a trip into the past for the Posterama typeface – a retro font that fondly recalls the 20th century fascination with visions of the future.

  • As part of a three-day Monotype Font Marathon, Ford completed super compressed typeface Esca, which borrow from the designer’s interest in calligraphy
  • The 63-strong font family Posterama typeface created by Ford is a series of modular geometric sans serifs that he describes as “the typeface of the future… only yesterday”
  • In addition to designing fonts, Ford is dedicated to his own art practice, which sees him hang up the type tools to create abstract collages

Helvetica® Now Display

This is Helvetica Now.|


Play what’s not there|


A journey through space and type|
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Quire Sans™

Playing both sides of the field|

In his words

“Calligraphy and lettering are right in line with our profession; the pinnacles of type design are an understanding of form, rhythm, space, and relationship.”