Damien Collot.
Creative Type Director.

The intent of a typeface is bound to the reader, who should find in the letter shapes a familiar expression.

Creative Type Director Damien Collot’s interest and passion for type design comes from drawing. As a child, he could spend hours at his desk trying to get the perfect, most unique, Donald Duck. Damien easily found his place in a field where attention to details and focus are key assets to explore the nuances of letter shapes.

Later, curiosity and enthusiasm for learning drove him into nine years of studies in art and design, developing a particular interest in the History of Design and in Aesthetic. In his last year of university, he carried out research with a focus on italics and its origin.

My role is matching the use of a typeface to its function, in its most suitable representation. 

Damien Collot, Creative Type Director

Prior to joining Monotype as Creative Type Director, Damien spent over a decade working together with agencies for some of the world’s most well-known brands. He progressed from junior type designer to head of a font development team of thirty type designers and font engineers. His experience spans from calligraphy, to type design, font engineering and screen optimization.