Doug Wilson.
Executive Creative Director

In his words.

Type fascinates me as it is a mix of art and science — inside of the restrictions of legibility, there is the opportunity for infinite expression.

Doug Wilson is an Executive Creative Director with 20 years experience in design, writing, and filmmaking. His love for typography began when he resurrected letterpress equipment at his university and became a full obsession with his 2012 documentary film, “Linotype: The Film.” He has presented at conferences and organizations as diverse as NASA, The New York Times, and Condé Nast.

After getting his BFA in graphic design, Doug worked for an advertising agency before setting off on a deep dive into the history of the Linotype typesetting machine which resulted in traveling the world with his film. He has taught typography, design, and letterpress printing at multiple universities in the United States and given many lectures on the history of type.

Doug believes that educating people about his passion for typography is part of his life’s work and is always up for talking about his favorite fonts.

Executive Creative Type Director Doug Wilson