Anna Damoli.
Type Designer

In her words.

What fascinates me about type design is the unique intersection of drawing, technical expertise, deep historical knowledge and creativity it requires as a craft.

Anna Damoli is an Italian type designer and calligrapher at Monotype London. After her Master’s in Visual Design, Anna worked as a visual designer at Interbrand Milan while exploring her love for letters through calligraphy and type design.

She first completed the Expert Class in Type Design in Antwerp and later moved abroad to attend the MATD at the University of Reading. Anna’s academic experiences and the undying love for Italics ignited her passion for typographic research, ultimately leading her to investigate 16th-century Italian typography and the intersections between calligraphy and Italic types. After graduating, she started working at Colophon, where she contributed to a wide range of projects, including custom typefaces and library releases.