Become your agency’s type hero.

Using a font that doesn’t work with your existing applications can slow down the design process.

Choosing a new typeface can be time intensive, from reading end-user license agreements to asking your IT and purchasing teams to buy the fonts, and then waiting around for delivery — and that’s all the non-creative tasks.

Instead of spending countless hours getting permission for every font you choose, it’s time to try some alternatives. Now’s the time to put on your cape and step into the hero role at your agency. Advocate for paid typefaces or try using a cloud-based font solution that allows you to create folders to share fonts with your team, vendors, and clients.

Keep reading for key strategies to put you on the path to becoming your agency’s type hero.

Save your agency money.

Let’s talk about costs. Font management for agencies can add up. Searching for fonts on a case-by-case basis can be expensive — in both time and money. Rather than wasting your time getting permission for each font you need, opt for a time-saving solution instead. Try using a cloud-based font solution or a trusted font platform that has searchability features so you can select a theme or a mood to narrow down your fonts as you search. Another benefit is that depending on the font solution you select, you may get unique benefits such as a monthly subscriber fee for font asset management.

Use a compatible solution that works for your team.

When it comes to storing fonts for agencies, you don’t want them all saved on individual computers. That creates a huge pain point when you want to share fonts across the team or when new team members join. Fortunately, using a cloud-based font solution allows you to bring your agency’s current font files and library into the platform, offering you one single place where all of your fonts can live. This means fonts can easily be downloaded by everyone, so you can all be team players. You can even find tips to organize your font library, so you can become a master user.

Avoid outdated font files.

A big challenge of outdated font files is incompatibility across devices and languages. The good news is that a font platform can give you access to a variable font library with your subscription, along with automatic updates to ensure your fonts will keep working as your agency evolves. Variable fonts allow you to adjust the weight, width, or slant of your typeface since they include a font’s entire glyph set or individual glyphs with variation.

Font platforms also have various languages covered for global clients if your audience grows or you decide to expand your market. You’ll want to look for Web Open Font (WOFF) formats, which 86% of browsers support. WOFF fonts are scalable and zoomable, making them accessible across a range of devices.

Ensure your font files are compatible with applications.

Using a font that doesn’t work with your existing applications can slow down the design process. Rather than struggle with compatibility, look for a font platform with plugins that can be used to make fonts accessible across design tools, whether you’re using Figma or Sketch. One last tip: Share font files with your clients so that they can test them on their internal systems and collateral before committing to a purchase.

Step into your hero role.

Show off your typeface knowledge at your agency, and tell your agency about the benefits of a trusted font platform. Just think of all the resources and time you’ll be able to save by getting your agency set up with a cloud-based font solution that works for the team.

Not only will you be saving your agency money, but you’ll also be ensuring compatibility and shareability. A bonus is that your agency can get additional training and typefaces from a reputable type foundry.

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Become your agency’s type hero.