Terrance is an in-house type designer dedicating most of his time to custom font design

Terrance Weinzierl

Google, Domino’s and Microsoft are among the major brands Terrance Weinzierl has designed type for. As part of the font development team at Monotype, he’s been creating lettering and fonts for the Monotype Library and a wide range of clients since 2008.

After completing a Graphic Design degree at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, Terrance Weinzierl continued his typographic education at Ascender, where he joined as an intern before being hired just a few months later. As part of Monotype he’s been involved in an array of client projects, designing bespoke type for well-known brands as well as contributing type releases, such as Kairos, to the library. Weinzierl designed Joanna Sans Nova, which is part of the Eric Gill Series superfamily, and maintains a keen interest in hand-lettering and calligraphy, having taken part in several lettering workshops.

  • Weinzierl’s modular multi-layered Pizza Press typeface for Domino’s won a Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design from the Type Directors Club in 2014
  • Joanna Sans, designed by Weinzierl as part of the Eric Gill Series release, was chosen by Barnes & Noble for inclusion in its Nook GlowLight ebook reader
  • A regular speaker at events, Weinzierl has addressed audiences at conferences including TypeCon, AIGA and the Game Developers Conference


Kairos Sans

Terry Junior

The little polar bear|

Terry Junior

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Joanna Sans Nova™

A Swiss burger in an English pub|

In his words

“I liken creating a font family to a musical album. It can take months or years of blood, sweat and tears, but sooner or later you have to release it, and hope that people will like it.”