Guide to licensing and subscription.

A Monotype Fonts subscription eliminates the usual bottlenecks encountered by creative teams, such as looking for missing fonts and sharing font files.

Purchasing a Monotype Fonts subscription is the easiest way to bring thousands of new fonts into your library without having to go through a procurement/licensing process for every single one.

All you have to do is sign one licensing agreement for a subscription plan that suits your team’s needs, and you’re good to go. Your Monotype Fonts plan gives you access to over 40,000 typefaces that are ready for use on an unlimited number of prototypes (plus any production use cases that your company needs). A plan also gives your team access to a host of management features, all packed in an easy-to-use interface available via web and app.

Probably the only tricky part is figuring out which subscription plan suits our needs. This guide will walk you through the different plans available, so you can pick the right one for your team.

What plans are available, and who are these plans for?

There’s a Monotype Fonts plan for everyone — from individual freelancers to small and mid-sized teams, up to global enterprise organization.

Individual Plans:

Designed for the solo creative, Individual plans come with all the prototyping power of all the other plans (unlimited prototyping with 40,000+ fonts) with one Monotype Fonts seat. The individual plans allow freelance creatives to upgrade their brand without having to pay extra for the collaborative features that they might not need.

  • Individual StandardThe Individual Standard plan is a cost-effective solution for freelance designers that want access to 40,000+ fonts, but don’t need to license fonts for production purposes. Starting at $99, the Individual Standard plan is a cost-effective way to get a single Monotype Fonts seat.

  • Individual Pro +250,000: The Individual Pro +250,000 is for the individual creative looking to use fonts in a production setting, particularly in web pages. This plan also gives you a 250,000 monthly web page view allowance for your chosen web fonts. Starting at $199 per year, this plan allows individual designers to take their brands to new typographic heights, and to make a lasting impression with quality designs.

  • Individual Pro +1,000,000: The Individual Pro +1,000,000 is for the individual creative with a large online audience. It comes with 1,000,0000 monthly web page views. Starting at $599 per year, this is the plan to consider if you’re planning to use fonts on high-traffic websites.

Teams Plans:

Designed for teams with two to five members, a Teams plan will allow you to use all the typefaces in the Monotype Fonts library for experimentation and pitching, and to enjoy features that make creative collaboration a breeze. Import team fonts into the shared Monotype library that everyone can access 24/7, organize fonts into easily shareable folders, projects and lists, and stay on top of font access to keep everyone on brand. Get the option to license production fonts if you need to.

  • Teams Standard: The Teams Standard plan is for a small agency or creative team looking to level up their font library. Like all Teams plans, the Teams Standard comes with five Monotype Fonts seats and unlimited access to the thousands of fonts in the Monotype Library. Starting at $299 per year, the Teams Standard plan will allow you to level up your font library, discover thousands of new typefaces and use them for all pitching and experimentation needs.

  • Teams Pro +1,500,000The Teams Pro +1,500,000 plan comes with 1,500,000 monthly web views, three commercial production fonts, and 5 Monotype Fonts seats. Starting at $2,500 per year, the Teams Pro allows your team to create game-changing designs for extensive use on high-traffic web pages.

App Kit Lite:

App Kit Lite is a plan with a focus on app development. The App Kit Lite comes with five Monotype Fonts seats, three commercial production fonts, 500,000 monthly web page views, and allowance for font use in one application. The App Kit Lite plan starts at $2,500 per year.

Enterprise Plans:

Companies with larger or more complex teams and wider digital presence across web, app, and ads will benefit from an Enterprise Plan. These plans come with higher seat counts, sophisticated management capabilities, expansive monthly web page views and broad monthly digital ad impressions.

  • Web Kit: The Web Kit Enterprise Plan comes with five Monotype Fonts seats and five commercial production fonts. It allows for 10,000,000 monthly web page views and 200,000 monthly digital ad impressions. Starting at $7,500, the Web Kit plan is designed for teams that use fonts on high-traffic websites and far-reaching campaigns.

  • Standard: The Standard plan caters to growing and established brands that need a robust font solution. This plan comes with five Monotype Fonts seats, five commercial production fonts, 20,000,000 monthly web page views, 100,000,000 monthly digital ad impressions, and font use licenses for five apps. Starting at $20,500 per year, the Standard plan allows your brand to reach your audience on multiple channels, including websites, apps, and advertisements.

  • Unlimited: The Unlimited plan is the best choice for enterprises and agencies that require full creative flexibility. As the name suggests, the Unlimited plan offers unlimited Monotype Fonts seats, monthly web page views, digital ad impressions, and applications. It also comes with a single sign-on (SSO) capability.

Plan inclusions in depth.

You’ll see the following terms when looking into Monotype Fonts plans. Here’s a detailed explanation of what every component means.

Commercial production fonts.

While Monotype Fonts licensing terms allow you to use all the fonts in an unlimited number of mock-ups, commercial production fonts are the fonts you are licensed to use in production use-cases such as branding and advertising. Need to deploy fonts for web pages, ads, apps, and more? Look for plans that come with enough commercial production fonts for your needs. Commercial production fonts are sold in packs of five; you can purchase additional fonts if needed.

Swappable commercial production fonts.

Rebrand frequently, or just want a bit of wiggle room when it comes to which font goes to production? Keep an eye out for plans that include swappable commercial production fonts. This will allow you to swap (i.e., change) the commercial production fonts that come with your plan once every quarter (i.e., every three months).

Monotype Fonts seats.

How many users in your company need access to Monotype Fonts? That’s the number of Monotype Fonts seats you should purchase. Every Monotype Fonts seat holder gets login credentials, and can use all the fonts and features your company administrator gives them access to. 

Monthly web page views.

Are you planning to use your commercial production fonts on web pages? If so, you should take monthly web page views into consideration. The monthly web page views is the total number of times a web page/mobile app containing a commercial production font(s) is viewed per month. This is trackable through Monotype Fonts’ web font hosting service, so you can easily monitor your monthly usage and switch to a different plan if needed.


Planning to use fonts for mobile applications? This is the component you should be looking for. Choose a plan that allows you to use commercial fonts on as many applications as you need to.

Monthly digital ad impressions.

Need to use fonts for digital ads? Make sure you choose a plan with enough monthly digital ad impressions. Digital ad impression refers to the total number of times a digital ad containing a commercial production font(s) is displayed per month, in any channel.

Build the plan for you:

Customize your plan with the following add-ons.


All Monotype Fonts plans come with either a Basic, Premier, or Elite support level. Depending on the size of your team, and which resources are already available to your team internally, you can choose a plan that covers your team’s support needs.

Single sign-on

User set-up can be time consuming and labor-intensive, especially to larger organizations. Single sign on (SSO) integration with the most common SSO providers comes integrated with some Monotype Fonts plans to automate deployment.

Company desktop

An add-on that allows other members of the company to use commercial production fonts internally (e.g., in Powerpoints, internal documents, emails, etc). Non-seat-holders will not have access to the Monotype Fonts platform, but they can have the commercial production fonts pre-installed on their machine for internal use.

How do I choose the right plan for my team?

The right plan for your team lies in the intersection of past usage data and planned expansion. Instead of picking a plan based on the hypothesis — “I’ll try this and see if this suits the team” — consider any potential expansions, acquisitions, team expansions, and marketing campaigns.

A Monotype Fonts subscription eliminates the usual bottlenecks encountered by creative teams, such as looking for missing fonts and sharing font files. Aside from giving you access to award-winning fonts from the world’s most renowned foundries through the Monotype Fonts library,  it also allows you to import and organize your company’s existing font library.

Font acquisition and licensing are a breeze for your procurement and legal teams when you only have to sign one agreement, once. Monotype Fonts’ SSO compatibility and access management features saves your IT team a lot of time, too.

The only thing left to do is to pick the right plan, taking into consideration the features that your team needs.

Already subscribed? If you feel like another plan suits your needs more, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Guide to licensing and subscription.
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