Choosing the best Monotype plan for your typographic needs.

There’s a Monotype plan for every kind of designer out there, including individuals and teams.

It’s an exciting time for you, isn’t it? You’re on your way to gaining all the benefits Monotype Fonts has to offer, from library access, to seamless collaboration, to all-in-one licensing that you won’t have to worry about. Now it comes down to, “which subscription plan is right for you?” It’s about time you found a solution that fits your mojo.

Whether you’re an individual designer, an admin at a major enterprise, or part of a design team at an agency, or in-house, this speedy quiz will point you to the right Monotype subscription for your typography needs. And remember, every plan lets you access and experiment with  150,000 fonts, with new fonts added every day. Pretty sweet right?

Let’s dive in.

Question 1:  Which of the following statements describes you best?

  1. I’m a freelance designer with my own clients
  2. I’m a designer at an organization or enterprise
  3. I  work on a design team that’s part of an agency

I manage designers, manage my company’s fonts/fonts licensing, or am on the executive team

Question 2: What’s your font management platform look like right now?

  1. We have one, but it’s a mess
  2. Wait … a font management what now?
  3. Pretty good, but lacks some features we’d like
  4. Great, everyone has exactly what they need

Question 3: What medium will you mostly be using your fonts on?

  1. Mostly for print and out-of-home
  2. Mostly on web or for digital products
  3. A mix of print and digital 

Desktop only, or something else

Question 4: If you chose web or digital, please estimate the number of impressions or engagements for each of the following. Skip this question if your brand doesn’t have an app, website, or digital presence.

(Functionality note: Could there be a dropdown for each option?)


  1. Less than 250,000 views
  2. Up to 250,000 web views
  3. Up to 1 million web views
  4. 1.5 million and above

Digital Ads:

  1. Less than 250,000 views
  2. Up to 250,000 web views
  3. Up to 1 million web views
  4. 1.5 million and above

Mobile App:

  1. Less than 250,000 views
  1. Up to 250,000 web views
  2. Up to 1 million web views
  1. 1.5 million and above

Question 5: Will you need to share your fonts with someone?

  1. Yes! I work with a team
  2. No, it’s just me!
  3. Honestly, it depends on the project
  4. Not sure

Question 6:  On average, how many fonts do you take to production (that is, publish commercially) each year?

  1. Right now, none. I mostly experiment and try font outs in mock-ups prototype
  2. Between 0 and 3
  3. Between 3 and 5
  4. I’m not sure

Question 7: What are you most excited about when it comes to fonts?

     A. Experimenting to my heart’s content

     B. Sharing font lists, exploring libraries, and more 

     C. Finally, having a simple management system

     D. All of the above


  • Individual Standard
    • Everyone needs to start somewhere. For $99 annually, the Individual Plan lets you prototype any and all fonts in the Monotype library, including those from well-known to boutique foundries around the globe.
  • Individual Pro
    • It’s time to take your brand to new typographic heights with our best-value package for individuals. At $199 per year, you’ll be able to sync fonts easily, and use web fonts for up to 250,000 views. What are you waiting for?
  • Individual Pro II
    • Look at you go! You’ve got design skills that clients dream of, and now you need a font solution that fits your dream. Individual Pro II is packed with the licenses for 1.5 million website views. Let the fun begin.  
  • Teams
    • Collaborators, unite. Small design teams can easily share font files, sync unlimited fonts, and deliver stellar creative results with our teams package. This plan has the tools in place to manage multiple projects at once, and the ability to put fonts in production.


  • Teams Pro
    • Three simple words: you are flourishing. And your team needs a world-class way to manage fonts for your dream clients. Includes access for up to 5 users, licensing for 1.5 million monthly web page views, and unlimited prototyping.


  • Enterprise (Standard)
    • Looks like an enterprise plan might be more up your alley! Whether you’re in the marketing department or operations side of your company’s brand, or another role,  speak with a member of our sales team to learn about how Monotype Fonts solution can fit your company’s needs.
  • Web Kit for Enterprise
    • Just like Goldilocks choosing the right bowl porridge, this plan could be just right for you and your company. Ensure your team is supported in  using fonts both in the campaigns you run and on the high-traffic websites you support. Speak to our sales team to learn more. 
  • Enterprise (Unlimited)
    • You’re traveling at lightspeed! There’s no stopping you and your enterprise from accessing all the fonts, billions of web views, unlimited apps, unlimited digital impressions, and top-tier premium support from the Monotype team. Speak to the sales team to learn more.

Text: You’re one step closer to making your typeface and font life a heck of a lot more manageable, and fun. Subscribe to a plan to get started right away.

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Choosing the best Monotype plan for your typographic needs.