Brands don’t have borders, and neither should your text

You need your brand to be heard loud and clear by your customers, whatever language you’re communicating in. Which means your fonts need to speak with the same voice everywhere your brand goes. Monotype has the technology and expertise to convey your brand personality consistently through text, whether you’re speaking English, Swedish, Mandarin or Swahili.

We have a library of software to help compose, position and render text on memory-constrained devices in a way that’s right in line with your brand, in multiple languages. Our WorldType® layout engine helps brands meet the language demands of a global customer base, and format text on devices such as TVs, mobile phones, cameras and car displays. The WorldType can deal with challenges of translation such as bidirectional text flow, contextual character substitution, ligatures, proper line-breaking and paragraph styling.

Tools for navigating language barriers

The languages of the world are rich with nuances and subtle differences concerning the presentation of text. In complex scripts such as Arabic, Devanagari and Thai, for example, character shape, position and order change, depending on the context. Your existing font rendering, layout and management technologies will support Latin-based languages. But they may not be able to carry out the selection, combining and reordering of glyphs demanded by complex non-Latin scripts.