Low memory scalable type. Now on the smallest displays.

A font engine optimized for resource constrained environments. The Monotype Spark™ solution is designed for devices with small memory size, low CPU speed—or devices that just want memory freed up for other exciting features. Lower memory doesn’t have to mean low-quality, bitmap type. Spark helps smart watches, wearables, medical devices and automotive dashboards display a wider range of text without bloating the memory footprint.

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Meet Spark 2.0.

Spark just got better!

Spark now has significantly improved application startup times, updated global language support, improved font switching performance, and other new features and upgrades that support more languages and larger character sets.

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Revolutionize your project with low-memory scalable fonts.

More languages. Larger character sets. Different font size. A lower-cost platform configuration.

Go global

Ditch the bitmap headaches and quickly expand to new markets with non-Latin character sets and advanced support.

Stay competitive

Rapidly adapt to new market environments and user demands.

Save memory

Maintain UI performance even on the most constrained devices.

Reduce cost

Although bitmaps may have a perceived cost-benefit, Spark can reduce expensive memory hardware changes, overall QA budget and time.

All the performance in a smaller size

With a code size on ARM of only 98 kb, and a runtime RAM footprint as low as 20 kb, nothing takes away from your other features.

Screens for all markets

Design high-quality dynamic user experiences for anything that has a screen, whether automotive, wearable, medical, or your innovative vision still on the drawing board.

Our software has the tiniest of tanks and keeps text running like a dream.

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