Eliminate language barriers in your devices. Let users around the world interact in their native language.

Language support for your devices is a key factor in reaching new markets. In complex languages, the shape, position, and order of characters change depending on the context. WorldType helps reach a global audience without overwhelming memory and slowing down device performance.


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Our WorldType portfolio is a fully Unicode-compliant technology that allow you to take these complexities in stride. WorldType® Layout Engine™ is a modular software library for composing, positioning and rendering text in multiple languages. WorldType® Shaper™ enables intelligent character shaping and bi-directional reordering for non-Latin scripts.

Making your devices multilingual is a critical part of entering other markets. In complex scripts, the characters’ shapes, positions and orders change, depending on the context. With so many characters to accommodate, you can quickly see memory disappear—and a loss of speed that customers will notice.

Individually and together, WorldType can help you reduce development time and costs to bring your device to market – and meet the demands of a global market. What’s more, it is easily integrated into existing technologies, so there’s no need to rebuild your current layout and rendering solutions.

Keep your brand consistent worldwide.

Different languages can present a world of challenges. Our software can help.

Complex scripts and bi-directional text

Composes, positions and renders complex and bi-directional scripts such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean as well as Hebrew and Arabic.

Line break control

Control both explicit line-breaks (such as returns and breaks following punctuation) and specialized line-breaks required by specific languages.

White space

Determine the use of white spaces following line-breaks, alignment of text, indentations and ellipses to truncate text blocks that overrun their containers.

Character substitution

Manages contextual or iconic replacements for common character combinations – such as emoticons – or character positions.

Truncation support

Gives control in development for how text blocks exceeding the text container behave, whether truncated with an ellipsis (…) or other symbols.

Cursor positioning

Enhanced flexibility that puts extra control in the hands of developers with select cursor movement and positioning functions.

Flexible operation modes

Optimize performance and accommodate varying layout needs – from the most advanced Container-based mode for large quantities of text; to the high-customization Line-based mode; and the efficient String-based mode primarily for shorter blocks of text.

WorldType Shaper features

  • Accommodate world languages with shaping and bidi support
  • Glyph specification allows for simpler intelligent shaping of complex scripts based on the surrounding characters
  • Simple integration utilizing only a small number of APIs
  • Supports legacy technology, eliminating the need to re-architect the text technologies in your current generation of devices
  • Processes text with properties, including font characteristics
  • provide hints for where to break lines of text


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