M-Kit makes a big impact on billions of screens

Our type tools help you retire your bitmaps, reach global audiences, and keep your costs in line.

Meet the M-Kit™ modules


Deliver crisp, dynamic text and anti-aliasing with our edge-tuning, hinting and grayscale rendering technology in 2D and 3D environments—and enhance responsiveness to viewing conditions—in real time.


Make your on-screen type extraordinarily efficient by linking a font into several sets and only loading data once—whether in multiple languages, regions, or scale.

Developers, rev your engines

Configuration head-start

Monotype’s in-house embedded type expertise offers optimal rasterization parameters, right from the start

Resource efficiency

Minimal storage and power use help you keep a small footprint and low overhead, even in the smallest, most memory-constrained devices

Implementation flexibility

M-Kit’s support for open source libraries expands integration even further, to popular text shaping and layout tools HarfBuzz and Pango

Design for fragmentation

Put an end to multiple SKUs for the same product, even in multiple languages or versions. Build once, and M-Kit handless variations in type

Product managers, hit your goals

Brand continuity

M-Kit allows your UI to stay true to your intended vision, keeping your brand intact on billions of devices and displays

Optimized costs

Subsequent releases (or after-market inventory) won’t need new development or a redesign to display new content. Create your text once, and you’re good to go-to-market

Global deployment

Deliver a compelling, on-brand user interface that includes global font support, and reach a cross-platform, worldwide marketplace with a single application

Maximum legibility

Tight appearance handling and pin-sharp text give both design engineers and brands more control over how text looks, even in suboptimal conditions

Open Source. Unstoppable benefits.

Platform expansion

Supports any environment that uses FreeType – including Android devices – potentially extending your footprint to billions of devices

Accelerated performance

With native integration, performance is accelerated across every platform

Design freedom

With a large open-source community continually contributing new innovation and enhancements, if you have an idea for new text functionality, you have the freedom to explore it

Extended accessibility

Developers can now access text enhancement features via open source, an OS, a proprietary stack, or through Monotype’s own engine – whichever method their platforms require