Die Open-Source-Lösung zur Aktivierung von Schrift in eingebetteten Umgebungen.

Begeistern Sie die Nutzer mit erstaunlichen Erfahrungen. M-Kit™-Module bieten IP-Technologie für das Rendern von Schriftarten für jede Open-Source-Umgebung die auf FreeType-Bibliotheken basiert, wie Android-Geräte oder das beliebte Text-Shaping-Tool Harfbuzz.

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Dynamic text.

Enhance responsiveness with M-Kit's Edge™ Module.

Deliver crisp, dynamic text and anti-aliasing with our edge-tuning, hinting and grayscale rendering technology in 2D and 3D environments — and enhance responsiveness to viewing conditions — in real time.


Maximize efficiency with M-Kit's FontLinker™ Module.

Make your on-screen type extraordinarily efficient by linking a font into several sets and only loading data once — whether in multiple languages, regions, or scale.

Unstoppable benefits to your organization.

Technical benefits

  • Configuration head-start

    Monotype’s in-house embedded type expertise offers optimal rasterization parameters

  • Resource efficiency

    Minimal storage and power use help you keep a small footprint and low overhead, even in the smallest, most memory-constrained devices

  • Implementation flexibility

    M–Kit’s support for open source libraries expands integration even further, to popular text shaping tool HarfBuzz

  • Design for fragmentation

    Put an end to multiple SKUs for the same product, even in multiple languages or versions. Build once, and M–Kit handles variations in type

Business benefits

  • Brand continuity

    M–Kit allows your UI to stay true to your intended vision, keeping your brand intact on billions of devices and displays

  • Enhanced user experience

    Tight appearance handling and pin-sharp text give both design engineers and brands more control over how text looks, even in suboptimal conditions, giving end-users the best possible UX experience

  • Global deployment

    Deliver a compelling, on-brand user interface that includes global font support, and reach a cross-platform, worldwide audience with a single application

  • Optimized costs

    Subsequent releases (or after-market inventory) won’t require new development or a redesign to display new content. Create your text once, and you’re good to go-to-market

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