Partner with expert type designers, design with world's best fonts.

Moët Hennessy uses Monotype fonts across its global network, and together we can collaborate to simplify the process of working with your fonts.

Environmental responsibility.

We know about LVMH strategic priority to strive towards an even more responsible and sustainable business model.

Thoughtful visual design, and especially the use of clear, legible type, enables brands to drastically reduce their use of paper and packaging in favour of digital formats people can access through a mobile app or website.

Monotype can help you find a path forward.

Savoir-faire & collaboration.

We are partnering with creative agencies around the world to access, discover and prototype our library of fonts and benefit from the expertise of the Monotype Studio.

Having access to Monotype Fonts enables creative professionals to spend less time on administrative work, and more time designing meaningful brand experiences.