A highly readable sans serif.

Inspiration for the Daytona™ typeface family came from a desire to provide the best fonts for use in televised sporting events. Jim Wasco, the typeface’s designer, drew the design as sturdy squared letters based on humanist shapes and proportions. Letters were designed with legibility in mind, kept narrow for economy of space, and inter-character spacing was established for easy reading. Daytona’s soft rounded corners also make for a friendly and appealing design.


  • Jim Wasco


  • Monotype Studio


  • Humanist
  • Legible
  • Sans Serif
  • UX
  • VR/AR

About Daytona

The Daytona™ typeface family grew out Jim Wasco’s desire to design a readable and legible typeface for video and on screen use. Because of its high levels of legibility, the Daytona family is additionally an ideal design for display usage in digital user interfaces and a wide range of print applications. Wasco drew each character with legibility as a primary goal, some of the letters having unique attributes to minimize the ambiguity.



Jim Wasco

Today, Wasco was an award-winning senior typeface designer at Monotype. His designs included the square-jawed Neue Aachen™ supremely elegant Elegy ™, geometric sans serif – with an un-geometric twist – Harmonia Sans ™ and the Daytona™ typeface.

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