Fonts for cars that require only the swiftest glance, so drivers’ eyes stay on the road

Building car HMIs that offer a balance of entertainment and information is critical for today’s automakers. Drivers expect high-tech experiences from their car HMIs. We’ve highlighted areas you can’t ignore if you want to deliver a seamless HMI.

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Humanist typefaces are the best choice for legibility

An important factor in the recognition of Latin characters is their openness — the distance between the terminations, or stroke endings. The open design of a humanist font makes for highly visible, distinctive letterforms that avoid blending into one another. You can see the difference when you compare the variety of terminations in the letter ‘c’, from square grotesque typefaces like Eurostile, to the more humanist typefaces like Frutiger. Large counters (the white space in letters like ‘o’, ‘b’ and ‘a’) and x-heights (the height of lower-case letters compared to upper-case) also help generate more open shapes that are easier to distinguish at a glance.