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Part 2: from TrueType GX to Variable Fonts

Tom Rickner introduces Monotype's first Variable font, available free on GitHub, and shares his research into potential use cases for variable fonts.

How the Whitney uses type to build an identity around art.

Speaking at Typographics 2017, Director of Design Hilary Greenbaum explained how typography helps the museum keep the focus on its art.

How web fonts help you build emails customers actually want.

As new marketing strategies come and go, email remains one of the most effective ways brands can reach their customers. Here's how web fonts can help.

More than just words: How a smart typography strategy helps your bottom line.

Each element of your typography strategy has a role in streamlining your workflow and helping your designers produce higher quality work on deadline.

Podcast: Pentagram’s Marina Willer and Monotype’s Nadine Chahine.

This episode features Marina Willer of Pentagram and Nadine Chahine of Monotype. A 30-minute dose of fascinating dialogue about the business of creativity

3 Trends Re-Defining the Role of the Modern CMO.

What are the major challenges facing CMOs? Together with The Future Laboratory, we identified a number of ways that CMOs must adapt for future success.

Brand Talks Paris 2019: Keeping up with change

On November 7, Monotype hosted our second Brand Talks in Paris to explore the ways brands are impacted by both social and economic changes and how they can evolve. A few years ago, brands did not have the same considerations, but they now must keep pace with major issues such as environmental concerns, changing societal expectations, and new ways of engaging with the audience.

TYPO Berlin: you only get ahead if you keep moving.

An amazing line up of 60 speakers will take the stage at TYPO Berlin to explore how they use digital tools creatively and how to overcome digital distractions.

Adrian Shaughnessy talks music, vinyl and graphic design for Letterform Live.

Theo Inglis chats with graphic designer, writer, lecturer, editor and publisher, Adrian Shaughnessy, about his love of design, vinyl and album art.

How to choose a font that works everywhere.

Whether you are looking for a new brand font or want to establish a consistent visual identity across the web, here’s how to choose a font that works everywhere.

Fonts behaving badly: Why you don’t always get the result you expect.

When you choose a font for your brand, you assume it will just work. But that’s not always the case, this fact can damage your brand’s visual identity.

Virtual and augmented reality: rethinking design in limitless spaces.

Kenneth Woodruff explores the difficulties of AR/VR product development and highlights projects that are breaking new ground in the space.

The State of AI in the creative industry: from Watson to WhatTheFont.

Creativity is often seen as a uniquely human quality that can’t be replicated by a machine, but AI may actually have a role to play in the creative process.

Q&A: Alex Mecklenburg talks innovation ahead of Brand Day London.

Ahead of her keynote at Brand Day London, we caught up with Alex Mecklenburg to talk branding, innovation and customer experience.

Virtual reality: how brands are using this powerful marketing tool.

There's a tectonic shift going on in marketing and 360° video and virtual reality are at the center of it all.

The perils of piecemeal font licensing.

Whether you’re a startup that recently hit the big time or a legacy brand with offices around the world, a messy font library can cause major headaches.

Holograms for home: how Wayfair is using augmented reality to transform the shopping experience.

Companies like Wayfair are proving that augmented reality can serve as a useful touchpoint and enhance online shopping.

How type helps you rebrand for the future.

Modern rebrands are about more than just updating your visual identity. See how fonts help rebranding companies meet their customers' expanding expectations.