Custom design gives identity-conscious brands a signature style and a competitive edge

There are thousands of typefaces on the market — of every kind, of every character. So what makes a brand invest in one of its own? A custom-designed typeface offers a brand a handwriting and voice as unique as any person’s, as well as more control over its use. With a custom design, a brand has a unique typographic style that is as much part of its visual identity as a logo, color or pattern.

We’ve designed custom typefaces for some of the world’s biggest and most identity-conscious brands, including Vogue, British Airways, Sony, Southwest Airlines, and Domino’s. The clients we work with in this field are looking for something extra: they tend to operate in highly competitive industries such as travel and food, or in design-critical ones like fashion and the media.

And there are brands whose specific needs can’t be met by existing typefaces available on the market. There may be a typeface a brand has in mind, but it lacks the language support or formats it needs for international or multi-platform use. That’s where our team of renowned type designers come in.

Craftsmanship and creativity to tailor your text

We’ve created entire typeface families for some brands, with all the appropriate weights, formats and language support to serve their communication needs around the world. Custom typeface design is about creating another level of visual identity, more subtle and subliminal than a logo, say, but equally distinctive, conveying everything a brand puts into words in its own personality. Our team of type designers will consult with you, develop an understanding of your brand values and personality, then start the process of crafting a unique, tailor-made typeface.

Let us fashion the font to fit your brand

  • Unique typographic expression to fit your brand perfectly
  • A single design for use across media, from print to web, for low- and high-res environments
  • Language experts across the globe to help carry your voice across borders