36 styles: Square of jaw and strong of limb.

Burlingame is a multi-purpose font family that started out as a single typeface with a more specialist purpose. There’s a clue in the name: it was originally intended for a game identity. It has found a wider purpose following pioneering investigations by Monotype into the legibility of vehicle displays. The research revealed a set of optimum criteria for dashboard display fonts: large counters and x-heights, simple shapes and a loose spacing of characters . more

A search of Monotype’s own library turned up nothing that fitted the bill exactly, so Carl Crossgrove was asked to develop his game font, Burlingame, with its open, clear shapes, into a family of faces that could meet the high-performance demands. His refinements, increasing the x-height, loosening the spacing and paring down the corners, improved the clarity and led to a design in two widths and nine fine weight grades, suited to a wide range of uses, from packaging and publishing to game and motion graphics.

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Meet the designer

If there’s such a thing as a born type designer and typographer, Carl Crossgrove is it. Since learning to read at the age of two, he has been obsessed with how letters look, and has been drawing them all his life, beginning with the chalk alphabets he drew on the driveway of his Connecticut home. Growing up, he soaked up influences. His interests shifted from fantastical display lettering inspired by comics, album covers and the 1970s art nouveau revival to classical type and lettering, calligraphy and botanical illustration . more

In 1990 came the revelation that this strange passion of his had other followers and that there was an entire industry built around it when Crossgrove met with Matthew Carter, David Berlow and Mike Parker in Boston.

After earning a degree in printing with a concentration in typography from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1994, he started his association with Monotype, working on several freelance projects before joining the company in 2001. His designs for Monotype include Reliq, Origami, Beorcana and the warm, clean lines of Mundo Sans, a number of non-Latin type families and now, Burlingame.

Burlingame in detail

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Burlingame’s qualities

Perfect readability in small sizes

Designed with open apertures and counters, the humanist proportions of Burlingame ensure readability in small sizes or when used as body copy.

Perfect readability in small sizes

High legibility in user interfaces

Burlingame’s unambiguous glyph shapes mean that often-confused letterforms are clearly differentiated, making it perfect for digital displays.

High legibility in user interfaces

Honed details for low res environments

Exaggerated details in Burlingame’s glyph structure provide visual clarity in even the lowest of resolution settings and at all sizes.

Honed details for low res environments

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