Typography Matters:

The Art and Science of Type.

In 2021, we embarked on a journey to explore the emotional influence of type. We wanted to understand how fonts drive experiences, associations, and feelings, and assess the effectiveness of different typefaces in unique situations. Since then, we’ve expanded our research into eight total countries (more coming soon!) and are building a body of data and insights into the emotional power of type with an eye toward cultural differences.
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How science can help you master the art of typeface selection. 

Whether you’re a self-taught designer looking to brush up on your font knowledge or a seasoned typographic expert, the type selection process can be tricky. Our goal is to arm creatives and brands with expertise to become better, more confident users of type. Download our eBook for a deeper understanding of the emotional impact of typefaces and how to leverage them in your work. 

How to leverage neuroscience to build a memorable brand.

It’s no secret that typography plays a pivotal role in the success of marketing and branding. As a marketing decision-maker, you’re constantly looking for ways to differentiate your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Have you thought about the role that typography can play? Download our eBook to learn about the emotional power of type, and how to harness typography as a strategic tool to evoke specific emotions, foster connections, and give your brand a competitive edge. 



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Typography Matters:

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The minds behind the research.

All data in this report was collected by Monotype and Neurons as part of a survey on the emotional impact of type, conducted 2021-2023. Our goal with this research is to arm creatives and brands with expertise to become better, more confident users of type. This is a living, breathing project. We hope you’ll follow along with us.


Marie Boulanger
Brand Designer, Monotype. 

Marie is a Brand Designer at Monotype, working at the crossroads between typography and branding. She's involved in custom type projects and on typeface releases. After studying both linguistics and type design, she still finds it incredibly exciting to explore the relationship between written information and the visual form of language.

James Fooks-Bale

James Fooks-Bale
Senior Director, Brand, Monotype.

James oversees the development of Monotype’s brand as the Senior Director of Brand and was integral in bringing this research to fruition. Prior to Monotype, James spent the best part of a decade working in the design studios of Burberry, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney, amongst others. Partnering with emerging brands and more established heritage brands, he was involved in both defining, and maintaining the creative. 

Phil Garnham

Phil Garnham
Executive Creative Director, Monotype.  

Phil is a Creative Type Director and type designer with many years of experience in the design and engineering of fonts for global brands. Working in collaboration with design studios and global clients, Phil understands the creative and business needs of brands looking to build continuity with type.