Creative Characters Ep. 1: James Sommerville.

We're working, living, playing within the same four walls. How do we know when to turn a few things off and just have some think time?

-James Sommerville.

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In our first episode, we talked with James Sommerville (@jamessommerville). James’ three-plus decade as a design leader began in his grandmother’s attic, where he founded his first agency (with a little help from Prince Charles), all the way to major brands like The Coca-Cola Company. Today, he is the co-founder of KNOWN_UNKOWN and is working to transform the future of creative talent.

The conversation ranges from James’ career to his ideas about the future of creative work, community, and work/life balance in a post-pandemic world.

“I think as humans, we like maps. We like having some kind of visual ‘something’ that instructs us where to go. During a workday, maybe that’s an agenda. We’re very wired to look at our lives like that. 

“Now we’re working, living, playing within the same four walls. Almost feels like 24 hours a day. So, how do we design that day to make sure we know when to turn a few things off and put the, put the phone down, turn the screen off and just have some think time as well?”


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