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D&AD New Blood 2017 shortlist: our pick of the pencils.

This year we are, once again, proud to support the D&AD New Blood Awards, celebrating the brightest new talent in the design industry. Monotype's 2017 brief challenged entrants to embody and express the importance of cultural diversity through a typography-led campaign or solution. After more than 3,000 entries, we are proud to showcase the 2017 Pencil winners, along with commentary from judges, Nadine Chahine and Malou Verlomme.

Monotype, Adobe Fonts and the ever-evolving font landscape.

By now you’ve heard that Adobe has changed the name of its Typekit service to Adobe Fonts. Essentially, Adobe is getting out of the business of fonts as a standalone offering and has wrapped these fonts into its Creative Cloud subscription applications.

Right place, right time.

In the 60-plus years since Max Miedinger, Eduard Hoffmann, and the Haas Type Foundry unleashed Helvetica upon the world, the typeface has delighted, dismayed, captivated, and confounded the design community.

The past, present and future of machine translation.

Julia Errens traces the course of machine-augmented translation, from Turing to Google Translate.

How fonts give voice to a destination

When exploring your next destination, take note of the typography you see guiding you through the place. How are the fonts connected to your perception of the city and its identity? Do they add to your experience? What story does the city’s typography tell?

The Role of Fonts in Modern Publishing

Open up any book. Peruse a magazine article. Whether you’re reading printed or digital material, the content is the focus. You probably haven’t realized how the typography works in a deliberate way to communicate the information clearly and legibly. After all, it is the content at the core, not the design. However, fonts play an indispensable role in shaping your experience of published media.

Consistency is the future

According to Salesforce, 75% of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with brands, across both online and offline channels. And yet many brands are failing to deliver on that expectation.

The underrated political campaign staffer

There’s so much more to political campaigns than ideology. Sure, there’s the political party (or lack thereof), core beliefs and issues, debate performance, and events. But a silent, less obvious contributor to a campaign is the design behind it—the nonverbal communication conveyed through font choices, design elements, and color palette—that impacts our perception of a candidate.

Just how neutral is Helvetica?

For many, Helvetica is the epitome of neutrality. It's known for being the blank page or the empty vessel; the typeface that stands back and lets others do the talking. As such, Helvetica has been enormously successful in corporate branding—think companies like American Apparel, Knoll and Muji, both of which have built their visual identities around Helvetica.

The many points of view of Ambiguity

Anyone who has worked with type understands its incredible ability to influence meaning. In the hands of a good designer, the most subtle shift in form can drastically alter a message and its effect on the reader.

Financial institutions and seamless customer experience

Fonts play an important role in delivering a smooth experience to financial customers, and also help financial institutions keep up with evolving expectations.

Jessica McCarty of Magpie Paper Works

Behind the Font highlights the people and process behind the fonts you love and use. This installment features Jessica McCarty, founder of Magpie Paper Works and Rare Bird Fonts.

2019 Beatrice Warde Scholarship recipient

Ever year, Monotype and the Type Director's Club (TDC) award the Beatrice Warde Scholarship to a young woman entering the design industry.

Carl Crossgrove of the Monotype Studio

Behind the font highlights the people and process behind the fonts you love and use. This installment features Carl Crossgrove of the Monotype Studio.

Prioritizing the mobile experience.

Retail customers are scattered across a wide range of touchpoints and react with them all interchangeably. However, they're all linked through the mobile experience.

Ruq’ah - the new style

Monotype designer Gunnar Vilhjálmsson traces the origin of an Ottoman-turned-Arabic handwriting style, its historical development, and how it became ingrained in the visual landscape of the Arab world.

Fonts to fit your augmented and virtual reality designs

Setting text in augmented and virtual reality presents new design challenges that are dramatically different from practically any other existing medium. Steve Matteson, Creative Type Director at Monotype, has selected fonts that are both highly legible and represent multiple genres, offering reliable choices for AR/VR games, apps or user interfaces.

Part 1: from TrueType GX to Variable Fonts

Tom Rickner, veteran type designer, shares his personal role in the beginnings of type’s most exciting development in decades.