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Optimize the in-car experience with legible text across screens

Design beautiful, highly legible in-car experiences for a global market.

Monotype’s extensive library of fonts, powerful embedded technology and expertise in legibility delivers a pristine and consistent brand experience

Monotype Global Fonts for Auto

Fonts for cars must emit visual appeal and brand consistency, while being exceptionally legible and readable at a glance. The Monotype Global Fonts for Auto collection illustrates global typefaces that can be read easily to help keep drivers’ eyes where they belong — on the road.

Powerful, scalable technology

Monotype’s resource-efficient technology for different environments (Proprietary Stack, FreeType, Android) translate to direct savings for OEMs. Our font tuning solution maximizes legibility based on environmental conditions, while font linking and shaping enables support for multiple languages.

Monotype’s solutions power the end-to-end automotive visual branding experience

    Inside the vehicle

  • Head-up displays

  • Instrument clusters

  • Center stack info displays

  • Car infotainment systems

    Across print & digital experiences

  • Printed brochures

  • Websites and Mobile apps

  • AR/VR experiences

Balance information and entertainment

Drivers expect HMIs that are on par with smartphone screens. Read our whitepaper to learn about key areas you can’t ignore if you want to deliver a seamless in-car experience.

Focus on legibility first

Watch our video to learn more about the research we've conducted to discover if fonts and lettering on in-car displays can affect legibility at a glance.

Design for split-second clarity

Watch our webinar to learn how screens and devices are changing. Learn about how people read and the factors that affect their ability to read accurately. Our research has revealed insights about the impact a typeface can have on glance recognition, and why these insights should change how you use fonts.

Leverage the power of typography

Learn how designers can more effectively wield it for the most optimal experience across embedded environments. Read the article to learn more.

Choose the best font

After testing typefaces side by side for legibility, our designers created what they think is the most optimal font for quick glance environments. Read the article in FastCompany to learn more.

Monotype’s fonts and technology allow us to build legible, beautiful interfaces that serve a global market. Having a custom typeface provided a way for us to differentiate select luxury vehicles. Monotype’s technology has been integral in building displays that keep up with consumer demands.
It’s challenging to build beautiful embedded products for a global market on time and on budget. Monotype helps customers achieve this through its font assets and embedded technology. Integration with Altia GUI tools makes the design process more streamlined, increasingly productive and faster for our customers.

Serving 75% of OEM’s for Global Delivery including:

Technology and fonts embedded in many Tier 1 and HMI Design tools including:

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