Quire Sans

20 styles: Playing both sides of the field

Quire: A classical term for a ‘signature’ of printed leaves, folded and ready for binding with other signatures into a book or manuscript. With one foot in the world of pilcrows, fleurons and traditional book typography, and another in modern electronic media, the Quire Sans™ design plays both sides of the field. It’s a typeface for all media, and a mirror for whatever’s going on around it. Smiling but sometimes assertive. Slender but sturdy, when the need arises. And always eminently legible, large or small, on the page or on-screen.

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Meet the designer

Quire Sans, says Jim Ford of the Monotype Studio, is ‘a reflection of my personal style, presented in the most minimal fashion.’

It’s the latest creation of a multi-talented designer. A graduate in graphic design from Columbia College Chicago in 2005, Jim has notched up custom typefaces from agencies and publishers to software manufacturers and game developers.

Jim has also created his own designs from traditional text faces to innovative display lettering, and includes art and illustration in his portfolio.

He counts the books of Frederic Goudy and a Hyphen Press text by Fred Smeijers, Counterpunch, as serious influences on his development as a designer. ‘It’s often an aim of mine to make my typefaces shine at display sizes and perform gracefully in text sizes as well. It’s a balancing act.’ Other fonts from Jim include the Ayita Pro™, Ford’s Folly™ and Pokerface™ designs.

Quire in detail

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Behind the design

Literary references

Capturing the essence of Old Style types in a contemporary design, Quire Sans strips away embellishments to focus on the pure form of the letters.

Playful glyphs

In a nod to its historic influences, the pilcrow and fleuron find a new interpretation in Quire Sans as striking and beautiful individual marks.

Honed details for low res environments

Elements of history

From Venetian to Modern, Quire Sans takes notes from the great periods of type history, while still finding itself perfectly at home in modern media.

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